One Person Is Dead After Five Been Shot At A Rochester Home Where They Were Filming A Music Video!

Police Illinois Street house was rented out for rap video during mass shooting

There was a press conference where Chief Smith and Mayor Malik Evans addressed the media about the shooting. Smith said that the deceased man was Jahkeem Douglas, 24 years old, who was found dead on Tuesday. He said that one of the people shot is in critical condition at the hospital, but the others are not expected to die from their wounds. In order, their ages go from 19 to 22 to 30.

According to Smith, there were around 30 people in the house at the time, and a total of 20 shots were fired from various firearms.

The majority of shootings in the city, according to Mayor Evans, are the result of arguments that could be settled with words rather than guns. Evans emphasised the importance of using words rather than resorting to physical force.

Smith did not reveal the identity of the murder victim being remembered on Tuesday night. Anonymous tips can be sent to 911, 311 or Crime Stoppers at 423-9300 or City Hall at 428-7045, according to a police statement.

Shootings On The City’s Northeast Side Left One Dead And Four Injured, And Police Are Still Looking For The Perpetrators

It was around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday night when this occurred on Illinois Street close to Atlantic Avenue. Each of the male victims falls between the ages of 18 and 30. The identity of the deceased man has not been released by the police.

While police were on their way to Rochester General Hospital, four victims arrived in private vehicles. They officially declared one of them dead. The condition of the other is extremely serious. Two other people were injured, but their wounds were not considered to be life-threatening by police.

The fifth victim, a man in his twenties who was found nearby, was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital in an ambulance. They are not life-threatening, but his injuries are serious.

Captain Ryan Tauriello of the Rochester Police Department stated, “Our officers did everything that was necessary to obviously make sure the scene was safe to contain, first of all, locate the scene, and then contain it, and preserve evidence safely.”

Residents of the area around the shooting scene have stated that violent crimes are extremely uncommon there. A nearby resident told us that he had heard what sounded like a party and music coming from a house in the moments before the shooting.

Two of the neighbours have informed us that they have heard loud music coming from that house for at least a year. They both claim to have lived in the area for many years without ever seeing law enforcement. They claim to be relatively unconcerned and in no danger at the present time.

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What happened was just weird in general. Multiple neighbours have asked Garrett Shearer, “Are you thinking of moving?” but he hasn’t decided where he’d go. “This is a nice area, and anywhere else I would go would be far beyond our budget, or I would anticipate the same or worse crime, which really, besides this, it’s nothing.”

Rachel Becker, a local resident, remarked, “I heard four or six pops and then kind of assumed okay yeah this is something not going great.” By the time I dialled 911, however, three or four other people had already done the same.

As a result of last night’s shooting at Illinois and Atlantic, one nearby resident discovered blood on her fence. A second neighbour is sure a bullet went through his garage.

No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Anyone with information can help the investigation by calling 911 and speaking with the Major Crimes Unit.

Before The Shooting At The Highland Park Parade, The Perpetrator’s Family Had Been Having Problems

Loyal customers lined up in the snow at 4 a.m. on the day of Bob Crimo’s 2008 grand opening for Bob’s Pantry and Deli in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, where he was venturing out on his own after years of managing a convenience store franchise. Photos from the grand opening show happy customers and Crimo posing with his family, including his son Robert Crimo III, also known as Bobby, who is eight years old.

The deli quickly established itself as a neighbourhood mainstay, drawing in customers in search of a warm welcome and a cheap, satisfying meal.

However, the Crime family had some internal strife that wasn’t shown. Domestic disputes between Crime and his wife were a common cause for police visits, and in 2019, when Bobby was 18 years old, he made threats to “kill everyone,” prompting police to temporarily seize his collection of knives.

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Bob Crime told a judge a few weeks ago that he had to rely on food stamps because he couldn’t afford to eat since the family’s once-thriving deli had to close.

Then, this week, as Highland Park residents were getting ready for the annual Fourth of July parade through the city’s picturesque downtown, Bobby is said to have climbed onto the roof of a cosmetics store and opened fire, killing seven and wounding dozens.

The tight-knit residents of Highland Park are devastated by the tragedy and searching for answers after the senseless killings. The fact that the shooter was identified as Bobby Crimo, the son of a popular local figure who once ran for mayor, only added to the shock, according to the locals.

Final Words

When police in Highland Park, California received word that 18-year-old Bobby “attempted to commit suicide by machete,” they reportedly conducted a wellness check on him the following week. Officers noted that the incident was handled by mental health professionals.

Meanwhile, in September of that year, a report was made to authorities stating that Bobby had “stated that he was going to kill everyone.” According to the report, Bobby disclosed his depression and drug use history. Bobby made threats, and his father turned over to police a collection of 16 knives, a dagger, and a “Samurai type blade.” Police then filed a “clear and present danger” report with the Illinois State Police. However, the state police said this week that they did not approve that determination, which would have prevented Bobby from purchasing firearms, because there was not enough evidence to do so.

Three short months later, Crimo had already signed his son’s application for a Firearm Owners Identification card, necessary for purchasing firearms in the state of Illinois. A parent or legal guardian’s sponsorship is required by state law for minors under the age of 21 to obtain a driver’s licence.


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