The Lowell Police Department Is Looking Into A Car Crash That Occurred Near Lincoln Elementary School!

Lowell police investigating accident in front of Lincoln Elementary School

Officials with the Lowell Police Department tweeted on Wednesday that there had been “a pedestrian accident” in the area surrounding Lincoln Elementary School and that the public should stay away while the incident was being investigated.

The section of Chelmsford Street between Lincoln and Nottingham streets is closed. Those in search of an elementary school can find Lincoln at 300 Chelmsford St.

All traffic will be rerouted, the tweet urged, so people should stay away. Jennifer Myers, a representative for the Lowell Public Schools, said, “We do not have a lot of information yet regarding this morning’s accident.” We can confirm, however, that no students were hurt in the incident.

Myers also mentioned that social workers would be available to talk to any students who might be nervous about a large number of police and firefighters stationed outside the school.

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No Students Hurt After Car Hits Pedestrian In Front Of Lowell Elementary School

MassLive reports that an adult male was struck by a car, prompting police to close the road in front of Lincoln Elementary School.

The Lowell Police Department reported that on Wednesday, December 14, the area of Chelmsford Street between Lincoln Street and Nottingham Street was closed to traffic while officers investigated an earlier crash.

No Students Hurt After Car Hits Pedestrian In Front Of Lowell Elementary School

“The Accident Reconstruction Unit of the Lowell Police Department is conducting the investigation,” LPD was quoted as saying by the outlet. Given the location of the collision, I feel compelled to point out that the pedestrian is an adult male and not a child or student.

In an interview with MassLive, Jennifer Myers, a spokesperson for Lowell Public Schools, said that social workers will be available to talk to students who are anxious about the heavy police presence outside the school.

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Lowell Police Are Looking Into A Pedestrian Accident Near A Primary School

Lowell, Massachusetts police say they are looking into a pedestrian accident that happened on Chelmsford Street near Lincoln Elementary School on a Wednesday morning.

Chelmsford Street has been closed between Lincoln and Nottingham streets, and residents have been asked to stay out of the area. There will be delays as the traffic is rerouted.

There was no immediate word on how many people had been beaten or whether anyone had been seriously hurt. The police also revealed whether the victim was a juvenile or an adult.

Last Words

This past Wednesday morning, a pedestrian was involved in a collision in front of a Lowell elementary school, and the police are currently investigating the incident. Security personnel…


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