‘The Santa Clauses’: Disney+ Orders Second Season Of Sequel Starring Tim Allen!

The Santa Clauses Renewed for Season 2 at Disney+

Disney+ must be overjoyed with the reception of The Santa Clauses, as the show has already been renewed for a second season, only a few weeks after its premiere.

Tim Allen reprises his role as Santa Claus/Scott Calvin from the first film, and Elizabeth Mitchell makes her debut as Mrs. Claus/Carol in the sequel The Santa Clause 2, released in 2002.

Scott, who has been Santa for nearly three decades, returns in the first season of the new series as jolly and full of Christmas spirit as ever. However, as Christmas becomes less well-received, he begins to lose some of his Santa magic. Scott begins to think about retirement as he struggles to meet the demands of his job and his family. He then sets out on the path to finding a suitable replacement.

The series also features new cast members like Kal Penn and Allen’s real-life daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, who plays his daughter in the show. In a recent interview with TV Insider, the actor discussed the challenge of acting opposite his own daughter.

This Is The Season For Renewals

In the show, “Finally, Scott Calvin has returned. He has been playing Santa for almost thirty years, and he’s still as cheerful as ever. However, his Santa power is dwindling along with Christmas’s declining popularity.

This Is The Season For Renewals

Scott finds it difficult to meet the demands of his job and his family responsibilities at the same time. Scott, upon learning that he can retire from his role as Santa Claus, mulls over the idea of finding a suitable replacement so that he can devote more time to his family.”

The franchise, which debuted in 1994, will advance to its next phase with the renewal of the series. Fans were thrilled by John Pasquin’s direction of Tim Allen in his first leading role, as Scott Calvin in The Santa Clause.

A massive financial success, the film has spawned a number of sequels and spinoffs. Both a sequel in 2002 called The Santa Clause 2 and a third called The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause were released before the new Disney+ series debuted.

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Disney Has Provided A Summary Of The First Season

Ayo Davis, president of Disney Branded Television, reflected on the franchise’s impact, saying, “This franchise has had a lasting impact for so many families, truly becoming part of their annual holiday traditions.” Our producing partners at 20th Television and, of course, Tim Allen and the team, have given us a wonderful gift by bringing the show back as a series, and I am very appreciative of this.

Disney Has Provided A Summary Of The First Season

In January 2022, it was revealed that the limited series would serve as a legacy sequel; production began in March and wrapped up quickly by June. Jack Burditt (30 Rock, Modern Family, Frasier, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Woody Allen, and the returning Kevin Hench, Richard Baker, Jason Winer, and Jon Radler serve as executive producers.

The three films in the Santa Clause franchise earned nearly $500 million at the box office, making the franchise a huge financial success for Disney. Furthermore, the films have become worldwide holiday standards, airing on television every year around the winter holidays.

The Second Season Of The Santa Clauses: What Can We Expect?

There are still two episodes left to air this month on The Santa Clauses, and we have few hints as to what the second season might entail. However, if the current plot points are any indication, the show has many more exciting stories in store for its audience.

Assuming the show ends on a cliffhanger that leads to a second season, Calvin will retire from being Santa Claus and move his family and elves to the South Pole. Let’s see what happens in the last couple of episodes.

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Disney+ Adds Another Legacy Hit With The Santa Clauses

New series based on Disney’s older legacy titles, such as The Santa Clause movies, has been a hit since the streaming service’s 2019 debut. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and Monsters

at Work are just a few of Disney+’s other legacy series that have been well-received by both new and longtime viewers. National Treasure: Edge of History and Willow are two additional legacy franchises that have recently joined The Santa Clauses on Disney+.

Allen is joined in The Santa Clauses by Elizabeth Mitchell, Kal Penn, Austin Kane, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Matilda Lawler, Devin Bright, and Rupali Redd, who play Carol Calvin/Mrs. Claus, Simon Choksi, Scott, and Carol’s children Buddy “Cal” Calvin-Claus and Sandra Calvin-Claus, as well as elves Betty and Noel and Simon’s daughter Grace. Charlie Calvin (Eric Lloyd) and Bernard the Elf (David Krumholtz) both made cameo appearances, continuing their roles from the original film trilogy.

Disney+ now has the entire first season of The Santa Clauses available to stream. At this time, the streaming service has not announced when Season 2 will be available.

Final Words

As far as I’m aware, “The Santa Clause 2” has not been shown on any holiday-themed television networks this year. This is a perennial inquiry into Freeform and its predecessor, ABC Family. The short answer is no, the channel does not own the rights to the second film, and it has already aired on other channels.


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