Former US President Donald Trump launches $99 NFT collection

The President of the United States proclaimed, “These limited edition cards feature amazing ART of my Life & Career!”The billionaire officially began his third presidential run last month. After promising a “major announcement” this week, he has generated much speculation.

Many observers had anticipated that he would announce his choice for vice president soon. On his own social media site, Truth Social, Mr. Trump instead shared a promotional video.

The cartoon version of the former president was shown in front of Trump Tower in New York, ripping open his shirt to reveal a superhero costume with the letter T on it, and shooting lasers out of his eyes.

President Trump later compared NFTs to baseball cards, saying they were “very much like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting” on Truth Social.

The cards, he said, would “make a great Christmas gift” at a price of $99 (£81). Customers will be entered into sweepstakes where they could win a variety of prizes, such as a gala dinner or a round of golf with Mr. Trump.

In spite of NFTs’ promotion as the digital replacement for collectibles, some have voiced concern about the market’s vulnerability.

It is possible to buy and sell “unique” digital assets in the same way as any other property, but they do not exist independently of the internet as physical objects. It’s possible to consider them the “title deeds” to your digital or actual property.

The Action Was Sarcastic

Social media users and prominent Republicans have both voiced their disapproval of the announcement. The former chief strategist for Donald Trump and right-wing media commentator Steve Bannon said on his podcast that he could no longer support the NFTs.Everybody who worked on the project “ought to be fired today,” he said.

The Action Was Sarcastic

US Vice President and former President Obama tweeted that he, too, had “some MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS the last couple of weeks too,” an apparent jab at Trump.

He listed lowering inflation and passing a bill protecting marriage as examples. Others have hypothesized that Mr. Trump’s NFT sales were made to finance his many ongoing lawsuits.

The NFTs’ official website states that the money won’t be used to help his presidential campaign. That these “Digital Trading Cards” “are not political” and “have nothing to do with any political campaign” was explicitly stated.

This includes Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Digital LLC, and their respective principals and affiliates, as stated in the disclaimer: “NFT INT LLC is not owned, managed, or controlled by any of these entities.”


Trump’s Comeback Move?

It was after Trump officially announced his bid for president in 2024 that he made his announcement. In 2020, Trump failed in his bid for re-election as president of the United States. He served as president from 2017 to 2021.

Recent polling suggests the former US president will have a tough time securing the Republican nomination for president in 2024. His party also performed poorly in the 2022 midterm elections.

Despite unfavorable poll numbers and the party’s poor showing, the former president captured attention on Wednesday by posting a video to Truth Social in which he declared, “AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I have a HUGE announcement to make tomorrow. To whom it may concern, please accept my gratitude.


Each Trump Digital Trading Card To Retail At Only $99

Donald Trump’s life and career will be depicted in “amazing art” in the form of official digital trading cards. Trump Digital Cards are similar to baseball cards in appearance, but hopefully offer a more exciting experience for the collector.

Each Trump Digital Trading Card To Retail At Only $99

Now is the time to get your cards! Get yours for only $99! Former President Obama said it would be a great Christmas present on Truth Social.

For those who are interested in purchasing Donald Trump’s rare NFTs, he has provided a link to the website The 45th President of the United States appears in a variety of guises in some of the NFTs available on the website, such as a superhero, the same superhero with lasers shooting out of his eyes, a duck hunter, a successful stock market trader, a golfer, and more.

It is the Polygon Network where the Trump NFTs will be issued. The website also claims that Trump’s NFT collection opted for Polygon because it is “better for the environment” due to the blockchain’s “self-description as eco-friendly and carbon neutral.”

Final Words

Further, without any additional action on the part of the buyer, those who purchase Trump Digital Trading Cards will be entered into a sweepstake “for a chance to win 1000’s of incredible prizes and meet the one and only #45 [President]!”

The site also boasts that if you buy 45 Trump Digital Trading Cards, you’ll be invited to a private dinner with the ex-president. However, each individual is only allowed 100 NFTs and/or sweepstake entries (the “strict limit”).

During the Sweepstake Entry Period, a total of 45,000 NFTs will be created, with a maximum of 44,000 NFTs being made available for purchase.


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