Stunning Fall-Themed Neighbor Gift Ideas

Stunning Fall-Themed Neighbor Gift Ideas

Fall is here, and it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to celebrate this beautiful season. And with it also being the season of giving, you might be planning on what to gift those around you, including your neighbors. If you’ve built a relationship with those who live around you, showing a nice gesture during this time of year will be a nice surprise. Have a look at ideas for sharing some fall gift baskets with them:

Popcorn Bucket with Candy Corn and Popcorn

You can find a variety of popcorn buckets and candy corn combinations online. One option is this candy corn and popcorn gift set that includes a brown paper bag with a pumpkin design filled with fall-themed candy and popcorn.

If you want to go for the classic movie theater experience, try this classic red box filled with fake popcorn (which looks exactly like real popcorn!). It also comes with boxes of various flavored candies and treats appropriate for Halloween or fall festivals.

Apple Cinnamon Love

This recipe is so simple, yet it yields such an impressive gift. The apple cinnamon love is a great neighbor gift because it involves zero cooking skills! Just prep your apples and cinnamon sticks (and maybe some pecans if you want), throw them in a jar, add water and voila: apple cinnamon love!

Cute Bag with Peanut Butter Cups and Candy Corn

A cute bag with peanut butter cups and candy corn is a thoughtful gift. Include a note explaining why you chose the particular items, such as “These are some favorite fall treats,” or if you don’t have time to write out a note, just leave them sealed in their package.

If you’d rather keep an entire bag of snacks private, consider including individual treats with the gifts instead. For example, instead of buying individually wrapped peanut butter cups and candy corn that may lose their flavor over time (and also waste more plastic), consider making your own mini gift bags using paper lunch sacks or other small containers that are easy to fill up with goodies like chocolate-covered almonds or pretzel rods.

Coffee Bags

Coffee bags are an excellent neighbor gift because they are easy to give away and can be filled with all kinds of treats. For example, you can buy them in bulk or make your own coffee bags by using sandwich bags, cut out the top corners of the bag, fill them with goodies and seal shut. 

You can fill your homemade or store-bought coffee bag with a variety of items such as: hard candy; chocolate chips; nuts; trail mix; dried fruit; tea bags for hot cocoa mix & hot apple cider mix (depending on what time of year it is); cookie cutters and cookie recipes that double as a card!

Mason Jar with Sweet Treats

Mason jars are a great go-to when looking for something to give your neighbors. They can be used for anything and always look good, so you don’t have to worry about them not working in any situation. So if you want to put candy or popcorn in them, they work well for that. They do that if you want to fill them with cookies or other food items, too! The possibilities are endless!

Hopefully, you’re inspired to get out there and give your neighbors some fall-themed gifts. You can make some of these things yourself or turn to gift experts like Hickory Farms to buy great pre-made options. Either way, your neighbor will be happy!



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