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According to statements made by police at a news conference held in the evening on Thursday, the investigation into the disappearance of two teenagers from Toledo has led authorities to the location of a home fire that occurred earlier this month in north Toledo. Lt. Dan Gerken of the Toledo Police Department stated that authorities have not yet been able to identify the bodies that were discovered.

However, the investigation into the disappearance of two teenagers from Toledo, Kyshawn Pittman, 15, and Ke’Marion Wilder, 16, who were seen the last time two days before the fire, is still ongoing.The investigation pointed to the location on Chase Street as the scene of the crime. According to Gerken, “We arrived at that conclusion based on evidence, evidence offered to us by members of the community, and evidence obtained through witnesses.”

Missing Since December 3

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Since December 3rd, the families of Kyshawn and Ke’Marion have been looking all over for their sons. The original complaint of a missing person was given to the Toledo police department during the day on December 5. On Thursday afternoon, Ke’Marion’s father, Christopher Wilder, was present at the location where the search was being conducted. Wilder has stated that he does not care about the outcome of the situation; all he wants is for it to be over and for the boys to be returned home.

Throughout the course of the afternoon, other members of the boys’ families as well as friends travelled to the location. As a result of the exhaustive search efforts that have been conducted ever since the youngsters went missing, a crowd has formed holding signs with information on them. “It has been over two weeks now. It’s an awful situation. It’s a nightmare that won’t end. At the scene, Samantha Nadolny, who is Ke’Marion’s aunt, stated that her family is currently enduring “hell on earth.”

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Bodies Not Identified Yet

Two remains were discovered on Thursday as police in Toledo, Ohio, continued their investigation into the disappearance of two teenage boys and made arrests in connection with the case. The bodies that were discovered in a vacant house earlier this month after it was destroyed by a fire that is thought to have been started intentionally have not been identified by the authorities. On Thursday, footage from a local television station showed police enforcement officers and family members of Ke’Marion Wilder, who was 16 years old, and Kyshawn Pittman, who was 15 years old, at the scene of the house’s destruction.

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Five People Arrested In The Case

The boys were last observed alive climbing into a silver SUV on December 3 at Maumee Bay State Park. The last thing Pittman’s mother reportedly heard from him was when he requested her to book him a Lyft from a party at the Maumee Bay Lodge. The two remains were discovered at the house, which burned down two days after the teenagers were last seen there, the Toledo Police Department reported on Thursday. According to Lt. Dan Gerken, identifying the bodies will take some time.

Five people have been taken into custody, nevertheless, in relation to the youngsters’ disappearance. After police claimed they lied about the whereabouts of the youngsters, Crystal LaForge-Yingling, Corbin Gingrich, and Carissa Eames were charged earlier this week with obstructing an investigation. Cruz Garcia and Diamond Rivera were both accused on Thursday with two counts of kidnapping and obstruction of justice, respectively.

There can be More People Involved

The police have stated that they believe there are more people engaged in the crime; however, they have not released any additional information about any possible suspects. The Toledo Police Department and other agencies will remain at the scene of the burned residence in Toledo in order to continue their investigation and collect additional information.

two bodies found

The news comes just a few hours after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), and other law enforcement agencies began their investigations at the scene of the burned home, which authorities believe was likely set on fire intentionally. The house caught fire on December 5, the same day that the adolescents’ family members claimed that they had not seen them for several days. Members of their family notified the police that they were last seen on December 3rd.

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We Are Getting More & More Information- Police

At a press conference held in the Safety Building, he stated, “This is a continuing case, and we are not even close to being done.” The amount of information that we have access to continues to grow. The FBI is helping us with this investigation. They, together with the office of the prosecutor and the office of the coroner, have been quite helpful with this matter.

We are in no way near to terminating our operations, so if anyone has any information, please feel free to share it with us. We will investigate everything that is brought to our attention. It looked that the investigators had found something of interest on the land by the late afternoon of Thursday, and as a result, they were in the process of building up a tent over a piece of it.


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