‘Black Adam’ Finally Premieres On HBO Max After Failing At The Box Office!

Black Adam' arrives on HBO Max

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s DC antihero film “Black Adam” is now available to stream on HBO Max.

On October 21, 2018, “Black Adam” made its debut in theatres. Teth-Adam (Johnson) is the protagonist, a godlike being from ancient Kahndaq who used his divine abilities for vengeance before being swiftly imprisoned. Nearly five thousand years later, modern archaeologists release Adam to help Kahndaq defeat the criminal organization Intergang. Still, the Justice Society—Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Cyclone (Grant Gustin)—provoke him (Quintessa Swindell).

There were those who enjoyed this spin-off of “Shazam!” but many others who were disappointed. One critic, NPR’s Glen Weldon, found Johnson’s delivery “under-seasoned” and “ponderous.” ‘Black Adam’ was deemed a ‘lifeless spectacle’ by IndieWire’s David Ehrlich, who also criticized the characters for being a cheap photocopy of one from Gotham or the [Marvel Cinematic Universe]’.

In addition, “Black Adam” was a financial failure, with a $195 million production budget and a $400 million worldwide take. This does not account for the cost of advertising and other distribution expenses. A report stated that “Black Adam” would lose between $50 and $100 million, but Johnson denied this. According to tweets from Johnson, who cited investors, “Black Adam” could make $52 million to $72 million.

As long as “Black Adam” is available to HBO Max’s many subscribers, the show still has a chance at success. The fact that it is being released on streaming services during the holiday season bodes well for the movie’s success.

“Morbius,” another superhero film with an antihero, was a financial disaster, earning only $163 million worldwide and $74 million domestically on a $75 million budget. Sony has a multiyear deal with Netflix, so even though the movie didn’t make a good profit, it was still a success. When it first appeared on Netflix in September, “Morbius” was a top 10 hit.

When Will Black Adam Be Available On HBO Max?

On Friday, December 16th, Black Adam will premiere on HBO Max. This is great news for fans of the DC superhero, but it will require a subscription to the streaming service in order to watch. The film’s October 21st theatrical debut means that it won’t hit streaming services for another 57 days.

When Will Black Adam Be Available On HBO Max

After abandoning the pandemic-era theatrical window of 45 days, the streamer has made the wait a standard practice. If we use Elvis as an example, the film was released in theatres and took 71 days to reach streaming services (whereas The Batman arrived on HBO Max after 45 days, despite performing well at the box office).

We expected to have to wait a little longer to see Johnson’s anti-hero given the relatively weak showing that Black Adam had at the box office(opens in new tab). However, it would appear that HBO Max has decided to provide fans with a holiday treat while they wait for the next DC film, Shazam! March 17, 2023, is the release date for Fury of the Gods.

What Happened At The Box Office With Black Adam

Box office reports have indicated that Warner Bros. Discovery stands to lose around $100 million on the superhero film Black Adam, despite its nearly $400 million worldwide haul. Johnson, however, disproved these assertions by contrasting the box office success of Black Adam with that of another Marvel Studios film, Captain America: The First Avenger ($370 million).

What Happened At The Box Office With Black Adam

After debuting in 4,350 North American theatres, Black Adam soared to the top of the domestic box office with a first-weekend total of $67 million USD, smashing its own opening-weekend projections of $62 million. These numbers are in line with those of other DCEU movies (Aquaman made $67.8 million domestically in 2018), but Black Adam did better than Shazam!, which made $53.5 million domestically in its opening weekend.

Worldwide, Black Adam has made $140 million (after a gross of $73 million in its opening weekend and $250 million after ten days in theatres). According to David A. Gross, who oversees the Franchise Entertainment Research division, “as a spin-off, this is a strong opening.

” Foreign sales of “Black Adam” should be successful and profitable. The Thursday night previews for “Black Adam” earned $7.6 million, making it one of the best opening nights ever for its star. Sources in the film business claim that if the film had opened to more than $68 million on its first weekend, it would have been Johnson’s best solo opening ever.

Is Black Adam On Netflix?

Since Black Adam is only going to be available on HBO Max, it is not currently available on Netflix and probably never will be.

Going to a theatre or waiting for it to become available on streaming and VOD are your only options for the time being.

Final Words

DC Comics has established that even though Black Adam is not as powerful as Superman, he is still considered far more dangerous. Black Adam, as one of the World’s Mightiest Mortals, deserves his reputation as one of the most powerful beings in the DC Multiverse.


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