National Sangria Day 2022: How To Celebrate?

National Sangria Day

Every year on December 20, National Sangria Day honours a wine and fruit concoction that creates a festive atmosphere across the country. A wine-based beverage called sangria is sweetened with fruit juice and fresh fruit. Herbs, spices, carbonation, and alcohol are examples of additional components. Sangria has a spot in the cocktail rotation all year long because of the innumerable combination possibilities.

This fruity punch is fairly adaptable, being light and refreshing in the summer and sparkling and brilliant in the winter. For the greatest flavours, use seasonal fresh fruit. Sangria should be refrigerated after mixing, and the fruits should be left to marinate for many hours or overnight. Using 100% juice when creating sangria will also provide you the greatest benefits. Over the holidays, eating fruit instead of tempting cakes and pies will be healthier. Sangria will make the celebration worthwhile if you enjoy it moderately and reap the benefits of red wine.

National Sangria Day History

national sangria day history

The ancient Greeks and Romans used to add honey, spices, and whatever else they had on hand to their wine. These beverages, known as “hippocras,” occasionally had a mulled wine-like heat. The model for both sangria and mulled wine is Hippocras. These were commonly taken because the water at the time was contaminated and hazardous to drink. The water was rendered drinkable by adding a dash of alcohol, and it was given taste by combining it with wine that had been diluted.

Sangria is specifically based on the age-old red wine punch that has been enjoyed throughout Europe for centuries. Claret, a British word for Bordeaux wine from Bordeaux, France, would serve as the punch’s foundation. Traditionally, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and cabernet franc have been used to create this red wine. Fruit and brandy would also be included for flavouring. At gatherings of all sizes throughout the 1700s and 1800s, “Claret Cup Punch” would be served. Even the heroines of Jane Austen’s novels favour it.

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Sangria and Spain

In Spain, grapes were first cultivated by the Phoenicians in 1,100 BC and the Romans in 200 BC. Due to a particularly busy wine shipping trade, the majority of Rome’s thirst was satisfied by Spanish wines. The climate in Spain is ideal for growing red grapes and fruits, and the natives started calling these wine punches Sangria, which literally translates to “bloodletting” in Spanish. Punch made with peach or nectarine is known as zurra in southern Spain. Sangria is primarily produced with red wine in Spain, but it can also be made with white wine and is referred to as “sangria blanco.”

How you can Celebrate National Sangria Day?

Gather your friends, pour a glass for each person, and then relax to enjoy the true taste of summer (even though it’s winter in the northern hemisphere) on National Sangria Day! Various other ways to observe the day include:

Have a Glass of Sangria & More

Sangria may only be manufactured in Spain or Portugal for legal purposes, but that doesn’t mean other places can’t enjoy this drink’s spirit! Consider having it delivered from a Mexican restaurant, purchasing some from the neighbourhood liquor store, or even brewing your own. It goes well with seafood meals, Thai, spicy Mexican food, and even a cheese plate. Sangria is fantastic since it is reasonably priced, undoubtedly fruity, and unquestionably delicious!

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Try a Handmade Sangria

There are almost as many delicious sangria recipes as there are people who enjoy the fruity punch, so you should give them a try. But wine, fruit, honey, and sugar are the most typical components for practically any sangria. However, the recipe may be changed to suit any preference. Sparkling water can be added to the drink to give it more zing, and fruit can be kept out of the glasses with the help of a strainer. To give the wine an extra-rich flavour, some of the fruit can even be mashed or shredded before being added.

Sangria Getting Very Popular

Sangria’s popularity is on the rise all year round, despite the fact that the majority of Americans only drink it during the warmer months of the year. How could it not, given that the alcoholic punch is delectable, revitalising, and full of fruit that has been drenched in wine? You may warm it up in the winter to have a beverage that is toasty warm and comforting, even though it is unquestionably the ideal beverage for the summer. The very definition of adaptability!

Sangria is Good for Heart too

The traditional recipe for sangria calls for red wine, which, being rich in antioxidants and beneficial to heart health, is an essential component of the drink. Everyone is in agreement that the best way to fill your heart with joy is to drink sangria with your loved ones and friends, despite the fact that many individuals are still on the fence regarding this claim.


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