What Happened To The Ellen Show: Ending After 19 Seasons?

ellen show ending

Ellen DeGeneres, a comedian and talk show host, was once heralded as “The Queen of Nice;” however, her recent problems seem to have taken precedence over any discussion of her. Despite the fact that she continues to close each show with the phrase “be kind to one another,” as she has for years, allegations made in 2020 about the toxic environment on her talk show seem to have overshadowed the previous 19 seasons of her eponymous hit talk show, the rest of her career, and even her role as the friendly but forgetful fish Dory in the hit Disney Pixar films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. When her show finally comes to an end the following week, it may be difficult to understand how everything could have gone so horribly wrong.

About Ellen Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show is an American daytime television variety comedy talk show that was founded and is hosted by its namesake Ellen DeGeneres. It is also abbreviated as Ellen or The Ellen Show. It made its debut on September 8, 2003, and Telepictures produced it. It was broadcast in syndication. The program’s biggest affiliate base included Hearst Television, Tegna, and the bulk of stations controlled by NBC Owned Television Stations.

The programme was recorded in Studio 11 at the NBC Studios in Burbank, California, for its first five seasons. The show began filming at Stage 1 on the adjoining Warner Bros. site starting with season 6. The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been shown in high definition from the start of the sixth season. The Oprah Winfrey Show previously held the record with nine Outstanding Talk Show wins before it was split into two categories (Informative and Entertainment) in 2008.

The show received 171 Daytime Emmy Award nominations and won 61 Daytime Emmy Awards as of 2021, including four for Outstanding Talk Show and seven for Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment. 17 People’s Choice Awards were also given to the programme. DeGeneres stated on May 21, 2019, that she had renewed her contract for the show through 2022 for another three years. The first day of the 18th season was September 21, 2020. DeGeneres made the announcement that the twentieth season would be her last one on May 12, 2021. On September 13, 2021, it made its debut.

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Ellen Show Allegations: Sexual Misconduct, Harassment & Racism

ellen show allegation

Fans were amazed and shocked when Buzzfeed published the information about the setting of the show. Former employees claimed that their workplace was characterised by sexual misconduct, harassment, racism, and general “meanness.” A former black employee claims she was told, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white folks that work here.”

Another employee claims that following an accident and two family funerals, they had difficulty getting time off for medical leave. That is what they meant when they stated, “That is the definition of a toxic work environment, where they make you feel like you’re going nuts and then you’re like, no, everything I was feeling was right.” All of this was building up to this.

We all feel like the way individuals are treated there “isn’t natural,” according to one former employee. “There’s also this ushing people out the door. If you upset anyone’s feathers, your contract may not be renewed. Or you fail to express how pleased and appreciative you are to be working there.

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Last Episode of Ellen Show

allen show last episode

The final celebrity to appear on the programme was Jennifer Aniston, who debuted it along with Pink and Billie Eilish. Aniston talked openly about how she handled “Friends” ending in 2004 after a decade on the air during her final appearance with DeGeneres. She made light of her 2005 divorce from Brad Pitt by saying, “Well, I got a divorce and went into counselling.” DeGeneres said that she wasn’t sure what she would do after that. “I’m aware that I just want to keep quiet for a short while.

I need to rest,” she said. “And after that, I’ll do something else, but I have no idea what that will be.” DeGeneres’ career was in trouble when “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” premiered in 2003 as a result of her controversial decision to come out as openly homosexual on her 1990s comedy “Ellen.” During the final episode, DeGeneres claimed, “25 years ago they cancelled my show because they didn’t want a lesbian to be on primetime once a week.” “OK, then I’ll be on daytime every day, I said. What do you say?

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This is not the End of Ellen DeGeneres’s Career

However, the fact that the programme is ended does not mean that DeGeneres’s career cannot continue in some other capacity. In the stand-up comedy special that Ellen DeGeneres filmed for Netflix in 2018, titled “Relatable,” she demonstrated that she still has the skills necessary to perform, and she also demonstrated that she has made significant headway with the streaming giant.

She also exhibited her edgier side, which has been mostly absent from our screens since the 1980s, with comments about her cosseting wealth and annoyance at having to dance for fans. This aspect of her has been absent for the most part since the 1980s. As Ellen DeGeneres no longer has the pressure of hosting a daytime talk show on her shoulders, she is free to be as lovely or as cruel as she pleases.


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