Lionel Messi’s Wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, After Argentina’s World Cup Victory, Gives Him A Kiss!

Lionel Messi's wife

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo fell in love despite being separated by a large physical distance. Even though Messi left Argentina to further his soccer career elsewhere, he and Roccuzzo reconnected over a tragic event and eventually fell in love.

The pair tied the knot in 2017 after welcoming two sons. In the year after, Roccuzzo gave birth to their third son.

Messi once boasted to FC Barcelona, “My wife, Antonela, has lots of great qualities.” “I respect her approach to life and the way she maintains a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. She has an impressive IQ and is well-rounded in every way.”

Roccuzzo is another person who has shown tremendous faith in Messi’s abilities. The model is an avid supporter of her soccer player husband, often posting Instagram updates congratulating him and the Argentina national team on their World Cup victory (such as on December 13, 2022). She posted pictures of herself and her husband beaming alongside their three sons, all of whom were dressed in identical #10 jerseys.

Who Is Antonela Roccuzzo And How Did She Meet Lionel Messi?

Antonela Roccuzzo, like Lionel Messi, is a native of Rosario, Argentina (the country’s third-largest city). Her cousin, Lucas Scaglia, was good friends with the Barcelona star growing up, so she has known him since she was five years old.

While Messi may have a reputation for being timid, that wasn’t the case when he was courting Antonela; he made frequent trips to her house even when they were still very young.

How long the two have been secretly dating is unknown, but they made their relationship public in 2008. Their relationship is said to have grown closer in 2007 when Messi visited Antonela in Rosario following the death of her close friend.

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A Terrible Event Brought Her And Lionel Back Together

Roccuzzo lost her best friend, Ursula Notz, in a car crash in 2005. According to Argentina’s Para Ti, after Messi learned the news, he immediately returned from Spain to Argentina to console his soon-to-be wife.

A Terrible Event Brought Her And Lionel Back Together

This year, Roccuzzo shared a series of Instagram Stories in memory of her friend who had died in a car crash in Rosario.

“Those who aren’t there to celebrate a birthday or anniversary or attend a party feel their absence every day. Vacancies are unsettling, “Spanish was the language she used to put pen to paper.

“The absences we feel when we realize we will no longer hear that voice that accompanied us change us, allowing us to channel our suffering into positive change even as we accept that we will never be the same. Our absent loved ones lead the way. While separations hurt, they can also serve as a springboard for renewal.”

Who Is Antonella Roccuzzo?

Like Messi, Roccuzzo was born in Rosario, and he is the cousin of Messi’s longtime friend and teammate at PSG, Lucas Scaglia.

Even though Messi is known to have been shy as a child, he is said to have been smitten with Antonella from a young age, frequently visiting the Scaglia family home just to see her.

Who Is Antonella Roccuzzo

She went to school in Argentina, initially majoring in odontology but later shifting her focus to social communication, before meeting Leo and relocating to Barcelona. She is likely to have spent the last few years focusing on raising their three sons, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. However, she does have her own line of footwear that she launched in partnership with Sofia Balbi, the wife of Luis Suarez.

Infobae claims that Antonella and Leo got closer after Messi visited Rosario to comfort her after the death of a friend in a car crash. That supposedly happened in 2007, but their friendship was concealed for a long time.

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Antonella has remained largely out of the limelight despite her massive Instagram following of over 19 million. The 34-year-old is well-liked by the likes of Sofia Suarez and Cesc Fabregas’s partner, Daniella Semaan.

When Did Messi & Antonella Get Married?

Messi and Roccuzzo, who had been together for about nine years and had two children together at the time, married on June 30, 2017, in a ceremony held in Rosario. Messi’s club and national teammates celebrated with him at City Center, a hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

When Did Messi & Antonella Get Married

Fans were allowed to gather close by to watch a live stream of the ceremony, and a large security team led by a former Argentinian military officer kept everyone safe during the nuptials.

It was also speculated that a smaller ceremony would be held in Barcelona for those who were unable to make the trip to South America, though this was never confirmed. Before their unexpected relocation to Paris in the summer of 2021, Messi and Antonella called Catalunya home.

Due to financial constraints at Barca, their talismanic captain Neymar was allowed to leave for Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent, where he has signed a two-year deal that will expire in 2023. Neymar has never hidden his desire to return to his hometown of Barcelona at some point in his career, so he may very well take advantage of this opportunity to do so.

Final Words

Antonela Rocuzzo, a model and longtime friend of Lionel Messi’s, is a lucky woman who now has a husband like him. They both had roots in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. Leo’s childhood soccer buddy and her cousin Lucas Scaglia brought them together.


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