Hall Of Fame: Charitable Classic Kicks Off Wheelchair Basketball

wheelchair basketball kick off

The Rollin’ Celtics and the New England Blazers played in the inaugural Wheelchair Basketball Charity Classic on Sunday at the Basketball Hall of Fame, with a level of trash talk that would make Charles Barkley blush. On the Center Court of the building on Sunday afternoon, the National Wheelchair Basketball Association teams played their inaugural league match. Aymen Tayoubi-Idrissi, the game’s organiser, a Springfield College intern working at the Hall of Fame, said the game is a part of a fundraising campaign to use ticket sales and a Go Fund Me website to help pay for the league.

The league is significantly underfunded, the players complain, even after more than 50 years of wheelchair sports. The players cover their own lodging and travel costs when travelling to play in places like Virginia and Kentucky, according to Celtics coach Joe LeMar of Brockton. That doesn’t even take into account the approximately $9,000 price tag for wheelchairs that are custom-made.

Achilles International

wheelchair basketball achilles international

LeMar works for Achilles International, a global athletic club for people of all abilities, so sports are more than just a passion for him. “We build up guides for visually and/or cognitively handicapped runners. In essence, all the marathons you see and anybody wearing a bright yellow shirt is probably an Achilles guide, he said. “It’s definitely spreading the word that everyone can play sports,”

LeMar was able to compete at the same level as top athletes in wheelchair basketball. Like any other sport, it is a sport. All the athletes here put in the effort because you do. And you’ll observe how spirited and fierce the play is during the games,” he added. “There are rivalries. It’s true. After contracting polio as an infant, LeMar’s opponent, Blazers coach Paul Cowan, has been active in wheelchair basketball for more than 44 years. He went to a special education school.

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What Other People Stated

Cowan stated, “My high school basketball coach was a wheelchair user. I was one of the first persons he asked to play when he formed a squad in the Boston region.

He now leads a team of six people who, like him, have lost the use of their legs 44 years later. Some have lost limbs. LeMar lost his right leg, while Jimmo Neal, a fellow Celtic, has lost both legs. William Borrero, a blazer, lost his left leg. Other members of the teams are congenitally ill or have had devastating spinal injuries. Cowan noted that all athletes compete at a high level.

According to Cowan, there have been some modifications made for the potential severity of each player’s condition. Each player is assigned a number that indicates the severity of his handicap. He is a Class 2, according to Cowan. I’m officially a 2.5 because of the polio since I don’t have the balance, he explained. “This is Class 1 through 4.5,” the announcer said.

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Only 14 Points Rule

wheelchair basketball

Only 14 points can be used by a team on the court at once. Cowan declared, “If there are less than 14 players on the court, we are good. “If I take away a 4, I can still be secure if I replace him with a 4.5.” The Celtics ultimately defeated the Blazers 42 to 21 after four quarters of 10 minutes each. Although it hurts, Cowan noted that playing in the Hall of Fame still makes the game memorable for him. He chuckled, “We ought to have come here years ago. “A college match between the University of Wisconsin and the University of Illinois was the first wheelchair game played here.

We are two teams from Massachusetts. In our own state, we ought to be among the best teams. Stephen Delnickas, the Hall of Fame Director of Museum Operations, said the museum has hosted wheelchair competitions and keeps a particular exhibit on basketball as a sport for players of all abilities, from wheelchair players like the Celtics and Blazers to college athletes who have lost limbs. He explained, “There’s a gallery called the Opportunity Gallery and it talks about how anybody can play basketball. “We hope that this will go on every year.”

Players has to Manage their Own Expenses

The players cover their own lodging and travel costs when travelling to play in places like Virginia and Kentucky, according to Celtics coach Joe LeMar of Brockton. That doesn’t even take into account the approximately $9,000 price tag for wheelchairs that are custom-made. LeMar engaged in track and field activities throughout high school until cancer caused him to lose his right leg.

Even back then, he made every effort to stay active, eventually competing in two Paralympic events. He earned the 400-meter run gold in 1992, and the 800-meter run bronze at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games for Australia. LeMar claimed that he was signed up to play in a wheelchair basketball league in 2008 and that he later discovered he enjoyed it. He has been involved ever since.


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