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On December 23, 2022, Festivus will be observed as a secular festival in place of Christmas as a means to honour the holiday season without succumbing to its obligations and commercialism. After appearing in a 1997 episode of the American television programme “Seinfeld,” Festivus quickly spread throughout the world. Initiated by author Dan O’Keefe, Festivus was first observed by his family in 1966.

Daniel O’Keefe, the screenwriting son of O’Keefe, popularised the holiday in a subsequent Seinfeld episode. As depicted on Seinfeld, the celebration of the occasion included an unadorned aluminium “Festivus pole,” customs including the “Airing of Grievances” and “Feats of Strength,” and the designation of events that were easily comprehensible as “Festivus miracles.”

A Festivus for the rest of us is a common phrase used by Festivus celebrants to highlight the non-commercial nature of the holiday. The phrase was popularised in a Seinfeld episode. Additionally, it has been called a satire and humorous consumer resistance.

Festivus Real Meaning

festivus meaning

Even though this particular episode of “Seinfeld” did not introduce Festivus to the collective consciousness of the general public until the late nineties, when it was broadcast, the holiday’s roots actually go back far further in time. According to an article published in 2013 by Mother Jones, Festivus was a real holiday that was created by the father of the “Seinfeld” writer Dan O’Keefe when Dan was about eight years old. The article stated that the holiday included the airing of grievances and the feats of strength, but the pole was added for the show.

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Festivus Celebration

Festivus customs in “Seinfeld” make for amusing reading. Build an aluminium pole and prominently display it while your family and friends enjoy meatloaf on a bed of lettuce. Playfully vent your complaints after competing in an arm wrestling competition to demonstrate your strength. According to the regulations, you are free to opt out of any of these games if you don’t want to play and you have other things to do.

The best thing about Festivus is that it doesn’t follow any particular traditions by nature. You are now free to observe the holiday anyway you choose. You can substitute your favourite dish for the meatloaf, and everyone can share their favourite joke instead of venting their frustrations. Festivus believes that no ritual is too outrageous.

It seems only appropriate to pay tribute to the show itself as “Seinfeld” is to blame for its enormous success. With your loved ones, enjoy a marathon of your favourite “Seinfeld” episodes, making sure to include the Festivus episodes. You’ll probably be quoting the characters for days following, so be prepared.

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Seinfeld Introduced Festivus

In a “Seinfeld” episode, Festivus was introduced to the general public. Daniel O’Keefe, father of TV writer Dan O’Keefe, discovered a reference to an obscure holiday in 1966 and celebrated it. He was conducting research for his book “Stolen Lightning,” which examined cults, astrology, and paranormal activity, at the time. Because it was the anniversary of their initial date, he decided to celebrate it on December 23.

Festivus is celebrated by George Castanza in the “Seinfeld” episode “The Strike” from 1997. They observed the festival, which his father Frank devised, throughout George’s early years. The Festivus symbol was an aluminium pole rather than a tree or menorah. Meatloaf was the traditional main entrée for their meals, and they also had customs like “Feats of Strength” and “Airing of Grievances” thereafter. In the latter, people might express their displeasure with the gifts from the previous year.


Festivus has a life of its own due to the popularity of the show and the tagline “A Festivus for the rest of us.” People developed their own customs as a result of the inclusive message and absurdity of it all. Dan admitted in 2004 that the actual ritual was far stranger than it appeared on the show. There wasn’t a pole, but there were taped tapes of people venting their complaints.

Dan O’Keefe provided additional context for the well-known catchphrase in 2009. The family’s Festivus motto was “A Festivus for the rest of us.” It acquired the uplifting connotation of looking toward the future and serving as a reminder to value life and the living after the passing of his paternal grandmother.


Although Festivus was initially created as a way to poke fun at the traditional holidays and as a way to relieve the pressure of family get-togethers, it has since grown into a fun holiday for the entire family that can be used both as an alternative to the traditional holidays as well as a way to supplement them.


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