Now, The Most Popular Game On Game Pass Is High On Life!

High on Life is the biggest game on Game Pass right now

Xbox’s High on Life has become the most-played Game Pass title overall. Benji Sales, an analyst in the gaming industry, recently pointed out that Squanch Games’ foul-mouthed space-themed Metroidvania is currently more popular on Game Pass than Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5.

High on Life’s reign atop Game Pass’s biggest titles may or may not be permanent, but Xbox Games VP Aaron Greenberg recently raised a glass to the team at Squanch Games in celebration of their hard work. To what extent can one get “High on Life” As Greenberg put it? “There is only one possible direction, and that is TO THE TOP. Major props to you and your crew!”

Now, The Most Popular Game On Game Pass Is High On Life!

Now, it’s true that High on Life’s newness has helped boost its popularity; the show premiered last week to mostly positive reviews.

However, it’s not often that a new release of a bizarre, comedic shooter with trash-talking guns and aliens treating humans like drugs beats out Mine-freakin’-craft.

The fact that critics and players alike seem to enjoy the game quite a bit undoubtedly helps, but the fact that the game was made by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland certainly doesn’t hurt.

A reviewer from GamesRadar said that High on Life is “incessantly loud, frequently unhinged, and a trip well worth taking.”

High on Life is “a confident and capable Metroidvania that takes real pleasure in being as weird and outlandish as is reasonably possible,” as Josh West of GR puts it. “Squanch Games has created something that is well worth your time, even if some of its elements lack refinement,” said GameSpot’s Chris Green. “In presenting combat underpinned by chatting weapons and worlds wrought with endless distraction.”

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The Most Downloaded Xbox Game Pass Title Is High On Life

Squanch Games’ High on Life has had an incredible launch, becoming the most-played game on Xbox Game Pass. At the time of this writing, High on Life is the most popular game on both console and cloud Game Pass. It’s the second most popular game on PC Game Pass. It has risen higher on the list than perennial favorites like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5.

Due to its success, it is now considered not only one of the best Day 1 releases of 2022 on Xbox Game Pass but also one of the best Day 1 release on the service overall since its inception in 2017.

The Most Downloaded Xbox Game Pass Title Is High On Life

Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, made the first-person shooter High on Life, in which players are tasked with killing various targets with a variety of “living guns.” These firearms not only interact with but converse with, the player.

The game has received polarising critical reception, with some outlets giving it high marks (in the high sevens and high eights) and others giving it low marks (in the low fives and low tens). One of the most controversial works to be released in recent memory. Metacritic currently has a High on Life at a score of 67, though user reviews seem to be much more positive at 7.8.

A player who rated the game 9/10 summed up the reasons why some people might find it unappealing while others might find it excellent.

User Vex Runner remarked, “If you enjoy Justin Roiland brand humor, you will have a lot of fun with this.” As long as you appreciate the Rick and Morty brand of an ever-evolving mashup of dumb stuff, you’ll find almost every episode entertaining. While its style and heavy emphasis on humor make it one of the best first-person shooters, it may also turn off some players.

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Point Of Discussion: How Do You Like ‘High On Life’ On Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox One version of High on Life has been out for a few days now, making it one of the year’s final major releases. Thank goodness the Xbox Game Pass version is available on launch day, letting millions of Xbox fans get their hands on it this week.

High on Life contains a lot of content, including full movies that can be watched without leaving the game, so we don’t anticipate that many people will have completed it just yet. Still, Justin Roiland’s latest effort doesn’t waste any time making its presence felt.

So, how is High on Life treating you so far? Is it everything you hoped it would be from the man behind Rick and Morty? What did you expect to get out of such a wacky shooter, if anything, and has it been delivered?

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