Pope Francis Admits He Has A Resignation Letter In The Event Of A Health Crisis!

Pope Francis Reveals Letter of Resignation

In an unexpected admission during a recent interview with a Spanish news outlet, Pope Francis said that he has a signed resignation letter ready to go in the event that he is unable to carry out his duties.

According to the Associated Press, on Sunday, Pope Francis told the Spanish newspaper ABC that he had given Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who was then the Vatican secretary of state, the letter he had written in 2013.

Francis, who turned 86 on Saturday, was asked about the procedures to be followed in the event that a pope becomes incapacitated unexpectedly due to an accident or illness, and he responded, the news outlet reported.

I put my name to it, and it said, “Here is my resignation if I should become impaired due to illness or any other circumstance. Here it is,'” he was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s current secretary of state, was mentioned by Francis as the person who may now possess the letter. According to the AP, Francis has been ill and has recently been confined to a wheelchair due to knee pain and surgery to repair a bowel narrowing that was discovered last year.

It’s Been Established In Practice,” He Said

The pope, who turned 86 on Saturday, joked that “someone will run up to Bertone [saying] ‘Give me that piece of paper,'” now that he had revealed the existence of his resignation note. The current secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, would have received the letter from Bertone, he said.

It's Been Established In Practice, He Said

Francis has previously praised Pope Benedict XVI for resigning when he realized his advanced age made him unfit to carry out his duties as leader of the Catholic Church. Benedict, who now resides in a monastery on Vatican grounds, resigned as pontiff, a move that made way for Francis to be elected as the first pope from South America.

He said in the interview that “one governs with the head, not the knee,” Francis downplayed his mobility issues. His reliance on a cane rather than a wheelchair has increased as he has gone out and about.

A papal resignation must be “freely and properly manifested” in accordance with Catholic church law, as was the case when Benedict shocked the world by announcing his resignation to a gathering of prelates at the Vatican in February 2013.

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Resignation Letter

The Pope addressed the issue of his resignation letter, saying “I’ve handed in my resignation letter already. During Tarcisio Bertone’s tenure as Secretary of State. I gave my notice of resignation, saying,

Resignation Letter

“Here it is, in case of health impediment or whatever,” and signed it. That’s in your possession now. When Cardinal Bertone was Secretary of State, I gave this to him, but I have no idea who he gave it.

” When asked if he wanted it publicized, Pope Francis replied, “that’s why I’m telling you,” referencing how Paul VI and likely Pius XII had also planned to resign in the event of a health crisis.

For the first time, “this is what I am saying,” the Pope says. The Pope joked that someone should now go ask Cardinal Bertone to “give me that letter,” assuming that Bertone had already given it to the new Secretary of State.

Violence In Ukraine

The Pope has spoken out against the ongoing war in Ukraine over a hundred times, and this interview focuses heavily on that issue as well. More directly, he says: “The events unfolding in Ukraine are terrifying. Extreme cruelty exists. The situation is dire…”

Violence In Ukraine

According to the Pope, the war is not going to end anytime soon “That’s right, on a global scale, we have a war on our hands. Please keep that in mind. There are already many people helping to fight this war. In a nutshell, it affects the entire world. I believe that war breaks out when an empire begins to decline and there are weapons to use, sell, and test.

My impression is that there are a lot of parties with vested interests here.” There have been well over a hundred times when the Pope has publicly condemned the war “I try to help as much as I can. The situation in Ukraine is terrifying, but they won’t listen to me so I won’t bother saying that.

Large acts of cruelty can be observed. It’s a major problem. Indeed, this is what I have been criticizing for a long time.” The Pope restates his commitment to welcoming all people: “Finally, Volodymir Zelensky has sent me one of his religious advisors for the third time. I interact with others; I welcome guests; I provide assistance.”

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Future Conclaves

The Pope then responded to the discussion of how the new cardinals he has created do not know each other well and come from different and distant places, which could make the work of future Conclaves more difficult.

Although there may be difficulties “from a human point of view,” the Pope assured the world that “it is the Holy Spirit who is at work in the conclave.”

The Pope continued by mentioning a proposal made by a German cardinal during the August meetings on Predicate Evangelium “that in the election of a new Pope, only cardinals living in Rome should participate.” Is this the universality of the Church?” the Pope asked rhetorically.

An Outing To Marseilles

The Pope mentioned in interviews that he will be traveling to Marseilles to participate in the “Mediterranean Encounter,” but he stressed that this will not be considered a visit to France, as his apostolic focus has been on smaller European nations.

An Outing To Marseilles

When asked about the situation in Catalonia, Pope Francis said, “Each country must find its own historical path to solve these problems. In this case, there is no silver bullet.

He then brings up the examples of independent states like North Macedonia and South Tyrol in Italy. For the Church’s part, he stresses that “what the Church cannot do is to be a propaganda voice for one side or the other, but yes to accompany the people so that they can find a definitive solution.

” A similar line of thought is expressed by the Pope, who says, “When a priest meddles in politics, it is not good… One could call the priest a pastor. He needs to guide people in the right direction. Accede to their request and tag along. However, not to enter politics. Leave the priesthood and enter politics, the saying goes.

Final Words

Benedict resigned as leader of the 1.2 billion-strong Roman Catholic Church due to his advanced age, making him the first pontiff to do so in nearly 600 years. Archbishop of Buenos Aires Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected pope two weeks after Benedict’s resignation.


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