Terry D’Arcy Campaigning For Mayor Of Joliet: Who is Donating?

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Blackburn and Botzum each contributed $250 to D’Arcy’s mayoral campaign on September 28, according to a study of campaign donations that are posted on the Illinois Sunshine political contribution database. Since the beginning of the summer, around one hundred fifty individuals or local businesses have contributed at least two hundred fifty dollars to the D’Arcy for Joliet mayoral campaign. According to the Illinois Sunshine, D’Arcy’s total donations have surpassed the amount of 150 000 dollars.

According to a story that was published on Saturday by the Joliet Patch, the Joliet Police Department is showing a significant amount of interest in the election for mayor that is being contested by D’Arcy and O’Dekirk. It was recently revealed by the Joliet Police Department Supervisors Association that the supervisors are unified in their support for D’Arcy rather than O’Dekirk in the upcoming municipal elections on April 4.

Both Blackburn and Botzum would have been members of the Joliet Police Supervisors Association prior to being appointed to the position of deputy chiefs in the department. Read on for further explanation.

Who is Donating to Terry D’Arcy?

terry d'arcy donation

Sherry Blackburn and Christopher Bozum, two of the four deputy chiefs of the Joliet Police Department, are among the approximately 150 residents of Joliet and well-known companies that helped Terry D’Arcy build up his campaign fundraiser in the hopes of defeating two-year-old Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk on April 4th. Other contributors to D’Arcy’s effort include Christopher Bozum and the Joliet Police Department.

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Not a Formalised Campaign Yet

D’Arcy has not yet established his campaign platform; nonetheless, he believes there are important areas that his administration’s primary focus would be on if he were elected. These main areas include truck traffic, public safety, and water difficulties. “Joliet’s truck traffic is a key source of the city’s problems, including congestion, pollution, and further deterioration of the city’s roads and infrastructure. Roads that have been neglected for an excessive amount of time need to be addressed through the implementation of a capital infrastructure plan.

Terry D’Arcy Announced his Candidacy for Mayor

At the business that he owns on Essington Road on June 15th, Terry D’Arcy made the announcement that he is running for mayor of Joliet. John Ferak/Patch Both Blackburn and Botzum would have been members of the Joliet Police Supervisors Association prior to their promotions to the position of Deputy Chiefs in the department.

Blackburn was given the position of assistant chief executive officer of Joliet in January 2021 by Jim Capparelli, who had recently assumed the role of city manager. Capparelli had just taken over the office. Since the year 2000, Blackburn has been working with the Joliet Police Department. According to the information provided by her department, Blackburn has previous experience working for the Narcotics Unit, the Neighborhood Oriented Policing Team, and the Patrol.

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Terry D’Arcy and the Petition for Mayor of Joliet

In his bid to become the next Mayor of Joliet, businessman and community benefactor Terry D’Arcy submitted his petitions through the management of his campaign. The petitions contained more than 950 signatures, which is ten times the amount that was required. Late in the previous week, D’Arcy was tested positive for Covid and is still being held in isolation. He has his sights set on dethroning the current mayor, Bob O’Dekirk.

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D’Arcy stated that many people living in the neighbourhood encouraged him to run for office, and this encouragement was further fueled by what he perceives to be the shortcomings of the administration that is in place at the moment. “If I’m being completely honest, the real reason I’m running for mayor is because I genuinely adore Joliet,” However, I am of the opinion that the city as a whole is capable of providing services to all of its citizens at a level that is significantly higher than what it is doing at the moment.

D’Arcy Promises

D’Arcy has stated that one of his goals, should he be elected, is to make Joliet a more secure and healthier community in which to live, work, and raise our family. D’Arcy stated, “I don’t feel we have all the tools to keep our community as secure as possible.” “I don’t believe we have all the instruments.” “Improving our contact with each and every one of our residents need to also be a primary emphasis for us. As leaders, we have a responsibility to better interact with and listen to the people in our constituency. D’Arcy went on to say that in addition to that, “we need to inform them of the positive changes we are making at the level of the city to enhance their life.”


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