Why Is Bigger Booty Attractive than Flat Ones?

How come big booties are so attractive? How to get a bigger butt? Why do men like them, and why do women have them? Is it just because of the culture, or is there some biological reason why you all have been programmed to desire bigger fannies since time immemorial? Well, the answer isn’t quite that simple. There are multiple factors at play here: genetics, sex drive and, yes, even health. So explore these ideas one-by-one in this article!


It is important to understand that genetics account for about 50% of the variation in butt size. Genes are responsible for the shape, size and fat distribution of your butt. They also control how much fat you have on it. So you can’t really change your genes by eating healthy food or exercising regularly. That said, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting a bigger booty through genetics:

  • Have children early in life
  • Be taller than average
  • Be leaner than average


Bigger booty means more fat, and the more fat you have, the higher your estrogen levels are. High estrogen levels are thought to affect a woman’s sexual behavior: they make women more fertile, making them more likely to have multiple sexual partners.

Men like bigger booties! They like it when women have several sexual partners because it increases their chances of having children with them (this is called sexual selection). The result is that men find bigger butts attractive because they increase fertility—they help ensure that you can get pregnant and bear children.

Booty is a sign of health and fertility

Booty is a sign of health and fertility. A big butt is a sign of good genes, as it takes a lot of energy to grow, maintain and produce such an organ. The more curves you have on your body, the healthier you are (because it means that your hormones are balanced).

Booty is a sign of youth

According to the study, women with big butts are also viewed as younger than those with flat butts. This may be because people have a harder time determining an age range for women who are overweight or obese and have large physiques.

In addition to being considered more youthful, a woman’s booty is also seen as a sign of better health and good fertility. Women with larger thighs and buttocks tend to have higher levels of estrogen and testosterone, which signal youthfulness. In fact, one 2003 study found that women with bigger butts had higher levels of these hormones than their less curvaceous peers did (even though they had lower levels overall) — suggesting that having fat on your behind might actually help you stay young!

Legion Athletics experts state, “The glutes are one of the biggest muscle groups in the body and play a major role in different exercises.”

The bottom line is that booty is a sign of youth and health. That’s why men like it so much. Women with big butts are more fertile than those without them, which means they have more children in their lifetime. This evolutionary process makes sense since women who have more children will have more grandchildren than those who don’t (therefore passing on their genes). Therefore, one can conclude that large butts are attractive because they indicate reproductive fitness.


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