Consumer Rights Day 2022: History, Significance, And Topic For This Year

National Consumer Rights Day

On December 24th, Americans celebrate National Consumer Day, an annual event designed to raise public awareness of the rights of consumers and customers.

People often get the 15th of March holiday (World Consumer Day) and the 1st of October (National Consumer Day) mixed up (Which is celebrated on the 24th of December). The two days serve similar purposes but occur on different calendar dates.

We need to know who a consumer is and why they matter before we can grasp the importance of this day.

A consumer is defined as a person who purchases goods or services from a retailer. A consumer can be anyone who uses a product or service, such as someone who buys milk or groceries.

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History Of National Consumer Day

When India passed its Consumer Protection Act in 1986, the country took a serious look at protecting consumers’ rights. The purpose of this legislation was to protect buyers from being taken advantage of in situations like the sale of faulty products or services that are inadequate or fraudulent.

History Of National Consumer Day

India’s economy has changed dramatically over the years, influencing the way many Indians shop and vacation. This occurred because consumers now had more options thanks to rising market competition, innovations, and the prevalence of e-commerce services.

Thus, the established norms of the consumer have been shaken, necessitating a rethinking and reworking of the Consumer Protection Act. To reflect the sophistication and innovation of the Indian market, on August 6, 2019, parliament enacted new consumer protection laws.

On August 9, 2019, the President of India signed into law the Comprehensive Political and Legal Reforms Bill, or CPA 2019. In its subsequent announcement, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution set the effective date of the CPA 2019 for July 20, 2020.

The Right to Information Act, which made India’s governance processes open and accessible to citizens, has far-reaching implications for consumers’ rights and complements the Consumer Protection Acts of 1986 and 2019. The right to security, access to relevant data, freedom of choice, and consumer awareness are all examples.

Every year, people celebrate this holiday with a new theme. ‘Alternative Consumer Grievance/Dispute Redressal’ was the newest topic of discussion.

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The concept of a day dedicated to protecting consumers’ rights has caught on around the world. John F. Kennedy was the inspiration behind the United Nations consumer protection guidelines. World Consumer Rights Day has been observed annually on March 15 since 1983.

Just How Significant Is It To Observe National Consumer Day?

Since the relationship between a buyer and a seller typically involves exchanges of currency, and since money is both the most beneficial and the most dangerous force in the world, it is crucial to observe National Consumer Day.

Just How Significant Is It To Observe National Consumer Day

The government sets prices and rates for nearly all goods and services, but many retailers undermine consumers’ protections by offering deals that are lower than the official rates.

In order to ensure fair pricing and awareness of how much something costs the consumer, National Consumers Day exists. The day was established under the Consumer Protection Act to protect buyers from being taken advantage of in the marketplace.

The president of India signed the act into law in 1986; its proponents argued that the public needed to be made aware of government services for consumers.

Final Words

India’s National Consumer Day is always on December 24th and has a different focus each year. The Consumer Protection Act of 1986 was signed into law on this day. The passage of this Act represents a watershed moment in the evolution of consumer protection law in the United States.


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