Epic 1,371 Hawaii Flights Delayed Or Cancelled In Travel Collapse

Many of you contacted us this week to express your frustration with the historically high rate of flight delays and cancellations in Hawaii. The latter from friends and acquaintances, the former from strangers. A friend of mine recently exclaimed, “Hawaiian Airlines has blown it every day this week.” Somebody else expressed their anger with expressions we won’t repeat here.

We dug deeper and discovered that the issues have reached an entirely new level. The flight tracking service FlightAware reports that on Monday and Tuesday, 1,199 flights to Hawaii were delayed and 172 were canceled. Furthermore, the course of today’s events is as yet unknown.

The bizarre Kona storm that hit the islands on Sunday and Monday is a contributing factor, as is the ongoing Honolulu runway outage, bad weather on the mainland this week, staffing shortages, and other factors.

There were also major problems with baggage handling because of the delays and cancellations, and these issues have yet to be resolved.

Of course, with so many flights running through the islands, Hawaiian Airlines would be the most likely to have problems. So, for example, on Monday, 77% of all Hawaiian Airlines flights at Honolulu Airport were either delayed or canceled.

A Waiver For Hawaiian Airlines Flights Has Been Issued

The airline’s statement didn’t address the hurricane in Hawaii. As an alternative, they cited “operational disruptions and inclement weather on the mainland” as the cause of both the problem and their proposed solution.

A Waiver For Hawaiian Airlines Flights Has Been Issued

Until December 25th, passengers on mainland or interisland flights with Hawaiian can switch their flights without penalty. Change your plans or cancel by December 25th, at the latest. To take advantage of the Hawaiian Airlines fee waiver, guests must either call the airline or engage in a live chat on the airline’s website.

We have received reports that the Hawaiian Airlines Call Center in the Philippines is not yet aware of the situation or the travel waiver.

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How To Get Flight Cancellation And Delay Coverage When Purchasing Travel Insurance

Choose a travel insurance plan that covers the cost of missed connections or rebooking due to flight delays or cancellations if you’re planning on buying one for your upcoming trip.

How To Get Flight Cancellation And Delay Coverage When Purchasing Travel Insurance

If your trip is canceled for an insured reason, like a natural disaster, airport closure, or mechanical failure, your trip cancellation insurance will reimburse you for any non-refundable expenses you incurred. Keep in mind that not all recent travel mayhem can be attributed to the aforementioned causes.

Insurance for flight delays may be included in your policy, helping to defray some of the costs incurred by having to reschedule your trip. If your flight is delayed, this benefit can help cover the costs of lodging, food, and transportation while you wait.

Credit cards specifically designed for travel, or “travel rewards cards,” are a useful tool for purchasing plane tickets because they often include insurance against unexpected events. It may not be as comprehensive as travel insurance, but these perks can help with things like waiting for your bags or replacing your lost ones if they get delayed. Check your credit card’s benefits to see how much they cover.

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How To Cope With Flight Delays And Cancellations

Everyone involved in a flight has a bad experience when it is canceled or delayed. Flight attendants have to deal with angry passengers who have had their plans thrown off while they try to solve the puzzle of rebooking or rerouting their flights.

These suggestions can help you cope with flight cancellations and find the silver lining in an otherwise unpleasant experience:

How To Cope With Flight Delays And Cancellations

Make your case for others. While it’s always best to speak with a representative face-to-face, you can save time by checking flight options on the airline’s app while you wait in line for assistance. Instead of accepting the first option the airline agent gives you, you can take the time to figure out what will work best for you.

Learn your legal standings. When a flight is delayed or canceled, you have certain protections as a passenger and customer. If your flight is delayed, some airlines are obligated to find you a seat on the next available flight, and some may even let you switch to a partner airline.

Meal vouchers and hotel stays might be on the house if your flight is canceled due to circumstances beyond your control (bad weather would not count!). In the event of a flight cancellation or significant delay due to factors within the airline’s control, EU passengers are entitled to compensation in the amount of up to 600 Euros. Including U.S.-based airlines, this law applies to all those that operate within European Union airspace.

Pack your bags with some forethought. Nowadays, checked bags are a major hassle for travelers. There are countless anecdotes about bags arriving days after weddings, in pieces, or simply missing. Your credit card may reimburse you for the cost of buying necessities like toiletries and a change of clothes if your bag gets lost or delayed and you used that card to pay for your flight. Check your benefits guide to learn more. Some airlines offer compensation if your bags go missing during an international flight.

Purchase Travel Insurance In Case Of A Winter Storm To Safeguard Your Trip

Flight cancellations and delays are possible due to the severe storm currently raging across the central United States, which has the potential to bring heavy snow and strong winds.

During a time when many people are trying to get home to see their loved ones, these weather conditions can cause significant disruptions for travelers.

There can be significant costs for passengers in the event of flight cancellations or delays. The additional expenses brought on by flight changes or delays can be compensated for by purchasing travel insurance. It can be used to pay for things like food and lodging during the delay. If there is a major delay, it can even pay for your hotel and transportation costs. The policy details should be reviewed to determine the minimum waiting period (for example, six hours) and the maximum amount payable per individual.

Travel insurance can help you recoup any money you’ve spent on your trip that you can’t get back, like the cost of a non-refundable hotel room, if your flight is delayed or canceled.


Just use an app like FlightAware or FlightStats and enter your flight number, airport, and departure date. You can use the system to see if my flight was canceled. If my flight is canceled, when will I be notified? Flight cancellations are usually communicated to customers by airlines.


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