‘Alice In Borderland’ Season 1: Recap And Ending –  A Complete Guide To Season 2 Before You Watch!

Alice in Borderland Recap

Season one of “Alice in Borderland,” directed by Shinsuke Sato, is adapted from Haro Aso’s graphic novel of the same name. The series enlightens us on the measures taken by the people of Tokyo’s 23 wards to maintain their way of life in the face of a brutal climate.

They were forced to participate in potentially lethal games, the results of which would determine their fate. Without any knowledge of the rules of the game, the locals had no choice but to follow their gut and respond accordingly.

One false move could mean death for both of them. Tokyo’s inhabitants suffered severe mental and emotional distress but never gave up. When they set out, they had no idea how much they would have to give up just to survive, let alone find the truth.

Let’s go back to season one of “Alice in Borderland” and see if we can figure out what went down in Tokyo and how it affected the people who were trapped there.

What Does The First Season Of “Alice In Borderland” Focus Upon?

Karube, Chota Segawa, and Ryohei Arisu had known each other for quite some time. His family had grown tired of Arisu’s apathetic behavior, which consisted primarily of him playing video games all day long.

While Arisu did indeed come from a powerful family and did possess everything a man could want, he nonetheless found himself unable to relax in their company. Both his dad and his bro were eager to help him find employment, but he had no interest in working. This is not how Arisu has always been.

What Does The First Season Of Alice In Borderland Focus Upon

His mood seemed to be permanently glum ever since his mother passed away. No one made an effort to comprehend what Arisu was feeling on the inside. His dad looked down on him and never stopped contrasting him with his more successful sibling. Arisu’s father finally lost his temper and ordered his son to leave the house.

The insult to Arisu’s pride led him to suddenly uproot his life and strike out in an unknown direction. He reached out to his two closest pals, who were also having a rough day. Karube had already resigned from his position, and Chota was considering doing the same. Arisu, Karube, and Chota were all able to communicate with one another and enjoyed spending time together.

Kobe carried Arisu aloft on his back as the two of them howled in the streets. After the police began following them, the two ran into a nearby restroom to hide. There was a commotion outside the restroom, and then it was eerily silent. When they emerged, they discovered the streets deserted.

They looked for people in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, but they came up empty-handed. They couldn’t fathom what had transpired in that instant or where everyone had disappeared to.


In an effort to figure out what was going on, the three of them followed the directions of a digital hoarding that led them to a game arena. They ran into a girl named Shibuki who explained that the entire world had been turned into a massive virtual reality arcade and that in order to stay alive, they would need to play and win games.

The true nature of the threat that Arisu and his companions were about to face was still unclear to them. Can they make it through this strange new world and back to Earth without dying? Let’s find out, shall we?

New Alliances, Guidelines, And A Potential Safe Haven

As a result of what they’ve been through, Arisu, Karube, and Chota are starting to figure out how things work in this unfamiliar universe. The first thing to know is that the number on the card at the start of the game is the same as the number of days you get to spend in Borderland without having to play a game if you do win.

New Alliances, Guidelines, And A Potential Safe Haven

You will be automatically killed if this visa expires and you are not currently participating in an arena event. And secondly, not everybody in this parallel universe has arrived simultaneously. As an example, Saori had played multiple Dead or Alive games before she met the guys in the lobby. Finally, the games are represented by specific numbers and suits of cards, and this is not random.

Episode 2 of Alice in Borderland features a sick game of tag in which Arisu and Karube are pursued by two armed individuals wearing horse masks; they learn this information from another player.

A game of clubs requires cooperation and trust, while a game of hearts assumes betrayal; a game of diamonds is a mental challenge, while a game of spades is a test of physical prowess. The numbers on the cards indicate the level of challenge. With this newfound knowledge, Arisu, Karube, and Chota promise to look out for one another as they return home.

However, as is typical with death game stories involving such pacts, things quickly deteriorate. When Saori and Chota’s three-day visa runs out, the gang must play a game of hearts in which only one person can survive.


Chota and Karube have come to an agreement to sacrifice themselves so that Arisu can continue, and Saori tries to take the “prize” for herself. An extremely heartbreaking farewell occurs, and Arisu struggles to accept the reality that he cannot save his friends this time.

“Alice’s Twisted Utopia On The Border”

However, The Beach is not like that at all. The Beach is a sort of Lord of the Flies-meets-MTV setting, run by a man named Hatter (Nobuaki Kaneko), in what is perhaps Alice in Borderland’s most obvious nod to Alice in Wonderland. A utopian/dystopian vision of Spring Break in which revelers spend their days playing games and trading cards.

Alice's Twisted Utopia On The Border

In Hatter’s view, a return ticket can be obtained only by amassing a full deck of playing cards from each suit. To get back home one by one, starting with Hatter, the residents of the Beach will have to do their best to collect all of the cards. The Beachgoers have been doing well in their card-collecting so far; they are missing only the face cards and the ten of hearts.

While things may seem calm and well-organized on the surface, they are anything but on the Beach. A gun-wielding group known as “the militants” has been gaining ground, and their leader,

Aguni (Shô Aoyagi), is growing increasingly dissatisfied with Hatter’s rule. To the dismay of Hatter’s subjects, tensions boil over when Aguni murders him during a game and declares himself the new leader of The Beach.

When Does Season 1 Of Alice In Borderland End?

Arisu and Usagi, now in possession of Asahi’s phone, flee the depleted and burned-out Beach in search of the game masters’ headquarters. Within the depths of a subway station, they discover a room packed with screens and the bodies of people who appeared to be controlling the games from afar; all of their heads are marked with lasers.

Two other Beach escapees, Kuina (Aya Asahina) and Chishiya (Nijirô Murakami), who had previously betrayed Arisu and Usagi and delivered them to the militants as part of a plan to steal all the cards, soon join Arisu and Usagi.

But before things get too heated, another of Hatter’s former subjects makes an appearance: Kuina, Chishiya, Usagi, and Arisu see the image of Mira (Riisa Naka), one of Hatter’s most trusted advisors, on the screens arranged around the room.

She congratulates them on moving on in the game while mocking them for killing so many of their friends and acquaintances along the way. Near the subway entrance, zeppelins emblazoned with huge banners depicting the coveted face cards can be seen circling the city.

A new game is about to begin, and it looks even more dangerous than the ones we just witnessed. We’ll have to wait until Season 2 of Alice in Borderland to find out what exactly this new game entails.

Last words

Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya star in this Shinsuke Sato-directed series as friends who find themselves trapped in a desolate Tokyo and forced to compete in increasingly perilous card games.


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