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Christmas is an annual event that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated by billions of people all over the world as a religious and cultural holiday on December 25. The season of Advent, also known as the Nativity Fast, comes before this feast, which is one of the most important in the Christian liturgical year. Christmastide, which traditionally lasts twelve days in the West and ends on Twelfth Night, begins after this feast. Many nations observe Christmas Day as a public holiday.

Majority of Christians as well as many non-Christians celebrate on a religious and cultural level, and it is a crucial component of the holiday season planned around it. According to the traditional Christmas story, also known as the Nativity of Jesus, recorded in the New Testament, Jesus was born in Bethlehem in fulfilment of messianic prophesies. The Christ Child was quickly born in the stable after being announced by angels to shepherds, who subsequently spread the word, when Joseph and Mary arrived in the city and the inn was full.

The Son Of God was Born

christmas day birth of god

Christmas is traditionally regarded by Christians as the day that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, was born. While many of our Christmas Day customs and traditions sprang from that one event, there is more to the story. Let’s explore what we do know about Christmas, despite the myths and realities that surround it.

The truth is that nobody is certain of the the date and location of Jesus’ birth. The apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John share comparable narratives in the New Testament of the Bible, although they never specify the time of Jesus’ birth. Sextus Julius Africanus, the earliest Christian historian, is largely responsible for the creation of December 25.

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Why 25 December is Christmas Day?

Historians hold that the early church wished to connect the Son of God’s birth with the “rebirth of the sun,” which occurs after the winter equinox, which is one theory as to why December 25 was picked as the official date for Christmas. Another perspective based the date on March 25, which is the spring equinox, as the day of Jesus’ conception.

The birth of Jesus would take place exactly nine months later, on December 25. The Church once declared that January 6 was the day of Jesus’ baptism and the proper day celebrating Christmas. However, Christmas was only acknowledged as a minor holy day by the 9th century.

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Europeans Brings the Christmas Traditions

Europeans were responsible for several of the Christmas traditions we know today by the Middle Ages. Fir trees with apple decorations started to appear in Strasbourg households. People began exchanging gifts in the 17th and 18th centuries as a representation of the Magi bringing gifts to Bethlehem for the newborn baby Jesus. Fir wreaths that were originally decorated with 24 candles to symbolise the 24 days before Christmas were later reduced to four much safer candles by the 19th century. Traditions around Christmas Day eventually migrated from Europe to Latin America, North America, and other regions of the world.

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Mistletoe, Decoration & Santa Claus

The mistletoe is a plant that is frequently used as a decoration during the Christmas season. Under a hanging mistletoe, it is customary for people to exchange passionate kisses with one another. There is a pagan history to the use of mistletoe. For instance, the druids who lived in Gaul believed that the mistletoe that grew on oak trees was a gift from above. Holly and ivy are two plants that are commonly used as Christmas decorations. However, both of these plants are more closely associated with pagan holidays, as it was traditional to decorate for these celebrations with various types of greenery.

Cards, posters, signs, and any other printed or marketing material related with the Christmas celebrations typically feature images of Santa Claus, sometimes known as Father Christmas, snowmen, reindeer, and candy canes. These images are also commonly seen in the media during the holiday season. During Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it is common to see depictions of the infant Jesus, the Christmas star, and various other symbols associated with the religious significance of Christmas.

Christmas Day Celebration

The holiday of Christmas is a time of celebration that brings worship, joy, and happiness into the lives of people all across the world. People celebrate this holiday by visiting their local churches, singing Christmas carols, taking part in a variety of religious services, exchanging gifts with one another, decorating their homes with holly, mistletoe, Christmas trees, lights, and flowers, and gathering with their families.

Evening services are held in churches all throughout the world on the evening of Christmas Eve. Many places of worship hold special candlelight services at the stroke of midnight. Santa Claus is a beloved figure associated with the Christmas holiday who is known for gifting children with various items.

People get ready for the arrival of the Lord by baking numerous cakes and having feasts, expressing their excitement and gladness by singing Christmas carols, which are songs. When they were younger, kids and children would excitedly wait for Santa Claus and celebrate this holiday with a heart full of joy and anticipation for the gifts that would be delivered to them by their parents, friends, and other members of their families.


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