Holtsville Car Accident: 3 Teens Dead In Crash

Holtsville Car Accident

On Long Island on Wednesday night, a car that had three adolescents was involved in an accident that resulted in their deaths. The automobile careened off the road and smashed into the woods. According to the statements made by the Suffolk County police, both the driver, who was just 16 years old and did not have a driver’s licence, and one of the passengers in the 2009 Infiniti G37 were ejected from the vehicle during the terrible collision that took place in Holtsville.

During the accident that occurred at 9:45 p.m., witnesses reported to the police that the car looked to be travelling at a high rate of speed and flipped many times. Cem Gunes, a resident of Holtsville, was claimed to have been operating his mother’s vehicle while in possession of merely a learner’s permit, according to the police.

Other Two Pronounced Dead At Scene Too

holtsville accident teen dead

According to the authorities, Gunes and the two passengers, Moriches resident Taylor Beltramini, 17, and Mastic resident Landon Kromhout Auditore, 18, were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Gunes was also a victim. There was no one else in the car with us. Due to the fact that Gunes and Beltramini were ejected from the vehicle, the police believe it is highly unlikely that they were wearing seatbelts. It is unknown whether Auditore, who stayed in the vehicle after the collision, had one on at the time of the incident.

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Vehicle was on High Speed

Multiple witnesses told the police that the vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed and flipping multiple times. According to the police, the car was detained so that a safety check could be performed, and the investigation is still ongoing. Christopher Pellettieri, the superintendent of schools in Sachem, issued a statement to Patch in which he expressed the district’s “profound sorrow to learn of the untimely passing of one of our High School East students.”

holtsville accident speeding

According to Pellettieri, the school system has activated its crisis intervention team, and district administrators are planning support services for kids and employees on an as-needed basis. He went on to say that “we send our most profound condolences to all of the families that have been affected by this tragic news.”

Another Death of William Floyd High School Student

The death of Landon brings the total number of students from William Floyd High School who have passed away this year to two. During the month of October, residents of Medford named Tyler Phillips and his sister, Krystal Randolph, were strolling in a bike lane in Coram at 7:30 p.m. when he was struck by a car, according to the statements made by the police at the time.

Tyler was taken to the hospital with injuries that threatened his life, but he ultimately passed away as a result of his injuries. Students at Floyd Academy and William Floyd High School, as well as students at any other school in the William Floyd School District who have been affected by this tragedy, have access to grief and crisis counsellors, according to the William Floyd School District.

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Statement From Police

According to Inspector Darrel Simmons of the Suffolk County Police Department, two of the youths were thrown from the vehicle, and officials are currently investigating whether or not they were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.
It has come to the attention of News 12 that Gunes attended Sachem East High School.

The school district has issued a statement indicating that it has activated its Crisis Intervention Team and that it will make support services accessible to both students and staff in the event that any group requires them. Gunes’ girlfriend was a woman named Adriana Barrington. A notebook, some schoolwork, and a sneaker that belonged to Gunes were among the items that she and her family went to the accident scene to get. Also among the items they found was a shoe.

To Conclude

According to officials from the respective high schools, Beltramini and Auditore were both expected to complete their high school careers in the months of January and June, respectively, according to Newsday. The authorities are still investigating the cause of the accident and trying to figure out how fast the vehicles were driving, where they were going and coming from, and what other circumstances might have contributed to it. It’s a bad situation. According to what Simmons is quoted as saying, “We’re all parents; we have young kids that drive.” “It’s a terrible tragedy, especially this close to Christmas,” said the person.


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