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Salt Bae, aka Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce, was banned from attending the US Open Cup final, according to a tweet from the tournament’s official Twitter account. The decision was made after the celebrity chef’s antics infuriated soccer fans at the FIFA World Cup final.

There was a tweet that read, “Salt Bae is permanently banned from the 2023 @opencup Final.”

After joining Argentina players and their families on the field at the Lusail Stadium to celebrate their World Cup victory, the chef became the target of internet backlash from the uninitiated. He even managed to steal the coveted FIFA trophy and was photographed proudly holding it. In addition to that…

Even Lionel Messi, the star footballer for Argentina, was a target of the famous chef’s persistent photo requests. However, the player paid him no mind and instead walked away to embrace a teammate. But eventually, the chef and the star player hit it off.

The decision made by the US Open Cup appeared to have support on the internet. One Twitter user commented, “Lmaoooo good call.” This made me very happy as a Turkish citizen. “Thank you,” read another tweet.

Salt Bae Banned From US Open Cup Final 

Since his antics during FIFA World Cup celebrations angered football fans around the world, Turkish chef Nusr-et Gokce, better known as “Salt Bae,” has been banned from attending the US Open Cup final. Having begun in 1914, it has since become the premier American soccer tournament. The US Open Cup’s official Twitter account has confirmed the news.

Salt Bae Banned From US Open Cup Final 

The decision was made because the celebrity chef caused a disturbance at the FIFA World Cup final by violating a major FIFA regulation.

After he made it onto the field during Argentina’s World Cup celebrations at the Lusail Stadium, when the players and their families were celebrating, he left the crowd extremely irritated. The Turkish salt sprinkler was caught on camera stealing the FIFA trophy from one of the other players and posing with it in blatant defiance of FIFA regulations.

Not content with that, the chef then began badgering Lionel Messi for a photo, but Messi continued to ignore him in favor of hugging his teammates.

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Salt Bae ignored Messi’s repeated requests for him to stop bothering him and instead managed to get a photo taken alongside the soccer star. In addition to biting some of the champions’ medals, he posed with team members Alexis MacAllister, Paulo Dybala, Nicolas Otamendi, Angel di Maria, and Leandro Paredes.

Fans Took To Social Media To Express Their Displeasure At Seeing The 39-Year-Old On The Field, With Many Wondering How He Got Permission To Play

Legend has it that only a select few are permitted to touch the 18-carat gold trophy, which is valued at about USD$20 million. Officially, only former World Cup winners and heads of state are allowed to touch and hold the original FIFA World Cup Trophy, as stated on the FIFA website.

Fans Took To Social Media To Express Their Displeasure At Seeing The 39-Year-Old On The Field, With Many Wondering How He Got Permission To Play

There was widespread approval of the decision to suspend him on Twitter. According to one commenter, “He can serve steak to the winners, but hands off the damn trophy.

” Someone else commented, “As a Turkish citizen, this has made me very happy.” A heartfelt “thank you” Third-party information: “He harassed the players, to put it bluntly.” Even after winning, they had no time to celebrate.

A fourth member of the group chimed in, “Guy is a total chump.” More places should restrict their use. The players and the trophy they worked so hard for were yanked and shoved around for no reason.

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That’s the height of disrespect; no one would ever expect it from you. Another voice chimed in, “Very right decision.” It has my backing. Inappropriate commercialization of sporting events by Nusret.

Specifically, Salt Bae became an internet sensation due to his special technique for salting steaks at his Nusr-Et restaurants.

Salt Bae

A Turkish chef and food entertainer known as “Salt Bae” for his unique method of seasoning meat, Nusret Gökçe became a viral sensation in 2017.

Earlier this week, the chef’s antics during the World Cup made headlines. After the final game, the chef took to social media to share multiple posts in which he was seen touching the trophy and asking players like Messi to pose for photos with him.

Many spectators felt offended by this because they felt there should be regulations about who is permitted to touch the sacred trophy. Many spectators felt he was hindering the team’s ability to properly celebrate their victory.

The US Open Cup tweeted that he had been disqualified from the tournament because of the outcry his actions had caused online. Even though some people came to his defense, many others applauded and retweeted the tweet that banned him.

Last Words

As Argentina players celebrate their penalty shootout victory over France, the Turkish chef, who owns a string of his Nusr-Et restaurants in cities including London, Dubai, and New York, was pictured holding, kissing, and pretending to sprinkle salt on the World Cup trophy.


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