What Happened To Big Scarr?  Tragic News: The 32-Year-Old Rapper Signed To 1017 Records Has Reportedly Died!

what happened to big scarr

Big Scarr, a famous American rapper, died at the young age of 22. As of yet, no information regarding the circumstances of his death has been reported by local authorities. A drug overdose has been suggested as the cause of his death by several different sources.

On Thursday, December 22, the news spread like wildfire, and Gucci Mane was the first musician to respond by posting some photos of Scarr along with the words: DJ Akademiks is just one of many famous people who has responded to the news on social media.

A recent Instagram post of his indicated that he would be participating in the Key Glock Glockoma tour in March and April of 2023. In addition, Scarr announced that tickets had gone on sale.

Big Scarr’s First Number-One Mixtape On The Billboard 200 Was Titled “Big Grim Reaper”

Big Scarr never put out a lone album of his own. However, he did record a few albums in tandem with other musicians.

Big Scarr's First Number-One Mixtape On The Billboard 200 Was Titled Big Grim Reaper

As a debut, his debut single, Make a Play, was well-received by fans despite his lack of experience. In 2020, the rapper signed with 1017 Records, and the following year, he dropped a new single titled “SolcyBoyz.” The single’s second and third tracks came after this.

In April of last year, Scarr dropped his debut mixtape, titled Big Grim Reaper. A number-one spot on the Billboard 200 was achieved. A few of his other popular songs are “Frozone,” “I Would Keep Goin’,” “Traphouse,” and “Joe Dirt.”

Not only that, but he also contributed to Love Me Like I’m Dead as a special guest performer. Over the course of 2020 and 2022, the rapper also dropped five greatest hits collections: So Icy Summer, So Icy Gang, Vol. 1, So Icy Boyz, So Icy Gang: The ReUp, So Icy Boyz 22, and So Icy Boyz: The Finale.

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What Happened To Big Scarr?

American rapper Alexander Woods, better known by his stage name Big Scarr, was signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records. Sadly, Big Scarr passed away at the young age of 22.

What Happened To Big Scarr 1

On Thursday night, word began making its way around the internet that Big Scarr had died. Gucci Mane, who runs the record label 1017 Global Music where Big Scarr was signed, confirmed the tragic news of his death in an Instagram post. Gucci wrote in the photo’s caption, “This hurt I miss you @bigscarr.”

Yes. The death of Big Scarr is official. As iHeartRadio’s Hip Hop editor and music journalist, Tony M. Centeno, tweeted: “According to reports, Big Scarr has passed away.

He had just finished up a huge year, and he was gearing up to go on tour with Key Glock and play at Rolling Loud LA the following year. The fact that he passed away so near the holidays is especially tragic. Please accept my condolences on behalf of Gucci Mane and 1017. So long, Big Scarr.”

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Is Big Scarr Shot Dead?

Back in the year 2020, Woods took a bullet to the hip. The bullet went through Woods’s appendix and into his spine, requiring removal and realignment of his right leg.

In 2020, Scarr’s meteoric rise was temporarily halted after he narrowly escaped death in a shooting. Scarr said, “I was moving, so the bullet kept travelling,” as he thought back on the damage done to his internal organs.

Sadly, Woods passed away from a drug overdose on December 22nd, 2022. The death was confirmed by both Gucci Mane, the group’s founder, and several other 1017 rappers.

Scarr entered XXL as a freshman in 2022. Big30, another M-Town rapper, was a classmate of his. Each was highlighted in its respective cypher. A picture of the 2022 class cover featuring 30 and Scarr was posted on Instagram by 30 in response to news of Scarr’s death.

A total of 30 people commented on the post, each with the words “We did that” and a purple heart emoji. In a later post, he added the touching sentiment, “You know what was up with us, so screw what others talk about [broken heart emoji]. We spent hours together last night, so Shiesty knows how we met, but I can’t tell her that I love her.

Who Was Big Scarr?

Born Alexander Woods (April 7, 2000 – December 22, 2022), Big Scarr was a stage name for the American rapper Big Scarr from Memphis, Tennessee. The label 1017 Records, founded by Gucci Mane, counted him among its members.

He co-wrote the hit song “SoIcyBoyz” with Tay Keith, Foogiano, and Pooh Shiesty. His debut mixtape, titled Big Grim Reaper, was released on April 16, 2021. The highest ranking that the album achieved on the Billboard 200 was #25.

Woods entered this world on April 7, 2000, and he grew up in the Magnolia area of South Memphis. At the age of 16, Woods was thrown through the windscreen of a friend’s car during a car accident.

Featuring Pooh Shiesty and Fogiano, Big Scarr’s “SoIcyBoyz” song propelled him to fame. Two more instalments in the series, “SoIcyBoyz 2” and “SoIcyBoyz 3,” have also been released by him. The second and third episodes both feature contributions from producer Tay Keith, and the third features an appearance by Gucci Mane.

Big Scarr’s first mixtape, Big Grim Reaper, was released on April 16, 2021, and it debuted at number 25 on the Billboard 200 with initial sales of 22,000. This became the impetus for Big Scarr’s first venture into the charting world.

Last Words

He was in a terrible car crash when he was 16 years old. His chosen name was inspired by the scars that covered his entire face after he flew through the windscreen.


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