Brief Lockdown At Mall Of America Follows Shooting; Police Search For Suspect!

Mall of America placed on lockdown after shooting

After reports of gunfire, the Mall of America in Minnesota, America, was placed on temporary lockdown. A tweet from the Mall of America’s official account confirmed the lockdown and urged customers to seek shelter in “the closest secure location.”

On Friday night, shoppers at the Mall of America were frightened by the sound of gunfire, prompting authorities to place the mall on lockdown for about an hour.

The man could be heard shouting in the video as he walks near the Nike store in the shopping centre, and at least three gunshots can be heard in the background.

There was a reported shooting at the mall, and police and EMS responded, so says the Bloomington Police Department. This happened just before Christmas when shoppers in the United States flooded shopping malls and other public gathering places.

Once the lockdown was lifted at Mall of America, guests were asked to leave the premises.

“A lockdown at the Mall of America has been lifted. Guests are hereby prompted to vacate the premises. The Mall of America will be closed tonight. There will be a further announcement, so please stay tuned “A tweet from Mall of America. Opening in 1992, the mall has become a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

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People Hid Inside Stores, And Merchants Closed Their Doors

The mall made an announcement asking people to take shelter, and videos of shoppers hiding in stores circulated online. Police could be seen erecting yellow crime scene tape near the Nordstrom store, and emergency vehicles were clustered in the snowy parking lot outside. As armed guards rushed toward Nordstrom, stores began locking their doors and urging customers to seek shelter elsewhere.

People Hid Inside Stores, And Merchants Closed Their Doors

An AP source quotes a woman who was at the mall with her husband and 16-year-old daughter and says, “At first we thought they were just messing around.”

Shoppers could be seen on a video posted online taking cover inside stores, and an announcement was made inside the mall urging people to seek safety.

The parking lot outside the Nordstrom store was swarmed with emergency vehicles, and police were seen setting up yellow crime scene tape in the snow. When armed guards rushed toward Nordstrom, stores began locking their doors and urging customers to seek shelter.

In the words of one shopper, “We were in the Lululemon store and I just saw people running and he was in the dressing room and I started banging on the door to get him to come out and he didn’t have a shirt on so we just ran out of there.”

According to the mall’s official website, weapons are not permitted anywhere inside the mall. There are no metal detectors or other searches of customers at the mall.

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There was an altercation at the mall on New Year’s Eve that left two people injured, and the mall was put on lockdown in August after reports of a shooting sent some shoppers running for cover.

We’re Trying To Figure Out Who Did It,” Hodges Said

Customers and employees were told to “remain in the closest secure location” after shots were fired, and the mall was placed on lockdown. As of roughly 9 o’clock p.m. local time, the lockdown was lifted.

We're Trying To Figure Out Who Did It, Hodges Said

There has been a shooting at the Mall of America twice in the past five months, making this the second time the mall has been put on lockdown. Shots were fired on August 4 near the registers of a Nike store, but no one was hurt.

Panicked shoppers and workers fled the store in terror as shots rang out. According to Hodges’ account from the time, two separate groups got into a fight. Hodges stated that after one of the groups left, they came back and shot three times into the store.

Days later, after a coordinated effort from multiple law enforcement agencies, two men suspected of being involved in the shooting were apprehended. Three other people were also detained after being accused of aiding the two men’s escape.

According to CBS Minnesota’s reporting, the mall started testing a “weapons detection system” at the mall’s north entrance back in October.

Final Words

Police have confirmed that a teenager was shot and killed at the Mall of America on Friday, sending shoppers running for safety before the holiday weekend. Chief Booker Hodges of the Bloomington Police Department identified the deceased man as a 19-year-old male. At least one bystander was hit when a bullet grazed his jacket during the shooting at the Nordstrom department store in the shopping centre.

It looked like there was an altercation between two groups, and then someone drew a gun and shot the victim several times, the chief said. Within that timeframe, everything that happened occurred. Hodges pleaded with the gunman and the other combatants to surrender to the authorities. And he urged the public not to help the criminals evade capture.

He pleaded with those listening to “do anything, even if it’s just to buy them a Happy Meal or give them a ride.” “You’re going to prison with them,” we said. On Saturday, Hodges said the mall would open again, but the Nordstrom store would remain closed. According to a statement released by the shopping centre, the Bloomington Police Department arrived on the scene of the shooting just before 8 p.m.

After an hour, the mall tweeted that customers were being allowed back outside. Numerous emergency vehicles filled the snowy parking lot, and police taped off the area around the Nordstrom store with yellow crime scene tape.


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