Leonardo DiCaprio & Victoria Lamas Are Seeing Each Other? Amid Rumors Of A Passionate Dinner Together, Here Is The Truth!

Are Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas Dating

One of Hollywood’s most adaptable actors, Leonardo DiCaprio is more frequently in the news for his personal life than for his professional endeavours. The actor from Titanic is frequently the subject of romantic rumours involving young models and actresses. Victoria Lamas, a young model-turned-actress, experienced the same thing after she and Leonardo were spotted at a dinner event. Relationship rumours began immediately, but here’s the truth. Just keep scrolling down to read all about it!

Before this, rumours had circulated that Leonardo and the model and actress Gigi Hadid were in a serious relationship that they kept under wraps. The Wolf of Wall Street actor allegedly dated more than just her, including Camila Morrone. But the couple had split up in August, a month before the model turned 25.

Returning to the speculation that Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas are an item: Dinner at The Bird Streets Club was where the couple was seen last night. Even though they were captured on camera at the dinner in separate locations, they were later seen sharing a car. A source close to the couple confirmed to E! News that they “are not dating” as dating rumours swirled.

The two of them may not be dating, but they clearly enjoy spending time together. This new rumour came as a surprise, especially in light of the already widespread speculation that Leonardo DiCaprio is dating model Gigi Hadid. Those who are unaware may want to know that Lorenzo Lamas’s character on “Falcon Crest” was played by his daughter Victoria, now 23 years old.

Sighting Of Leonardo And Victoria Together

The Daily Mail claims to have images of the 48-year-old Wolf of Wall Street actor leaving The Bird Streets Club with the 23-year-old model. Victoria’s look was complete with a pair of black leggings and a black crop top with a scoop neck.

Leo has dressed in his most understated outfit yet: a black T-shirt, baggy blue pants, white sneakers, a black jacket, and his trademark black baseball cap.

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Victoria Lames

The daughter of Falcon Crest star Lorenzo Lamas, Victoria Lamas, also has a successful acting career. She’s an actress and a model with over 23,000 Instagram followers. She frequently updates her readers on her modelling career and travels. In film, she has appeared in A Virtuous Role, The Last Thing the Earth Said, and Two Niner, among others.

Victoria Lames

Camila Morrone was the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio for a long time, but he broke up with her in August. The actor has taken a lot of heat for being seen with young women.

After being spotted together at a New York Fashion Week party and getting close at the Casa Cipriani in New York City in November, reports surfaced in September that supermodel Gigi Hadid and The Revenant were dating. Gigi, now 27, is a single mother to her son Khai, who is 2 years old; she previously had been in a relationship with Zayn Malik.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Victoria Lamas Dating?

Though they were seen getting into the same car after a night out, actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Lamas are not dating. Page Six was informed by reliable sources that despite being in the same circle of friends, the two were not romantically involved. These revelations follow a sighting of the two leaving the Bird Streets Club separately before getting into the same car.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Victoria Lamas Dating

A source close to the Hollywood scene said, “Both were seated (not next to each other) at a big group dinner.”Several others hopped in the car with them.

After months of the Titanic star being linked to Gigi Hadid in tabloid rumours and sightings at parties and on dinner dates, their public appearance together came as something of a surprise.

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Victoria Lamas Is A Model And An Actress

Victoria Lamas is a model who was born on April 24, 1999 and has over 20,000 people following her on Instagram. Her bio says she’s signed with Innovative Artists, Luber Roklin Entertainment, and Natural Models in Los Angeles. Whenever she can, she can be found posting on one of her many social media accounts.

She was born to Lorenzo Lamas and Shauna Sand, a former Playboy model. Her parents have both had long careers in show business. Her dad has appeared on Falcon Crest, Renegade, and Big Time Rush, and he also appeared on the reality show Leave it to Lamas.

Victoria Lamas is a model and an actress

According to her IMDb profile, Victoria Lamas has also worked as an actress, appearing in a number of short films and television series set to release in 2019 and 2020. She debuted in the film industry with the short film Disguise. Subsequently, she had starring roles in films like Talk Later, A Virtuous Man, The Last Thing the Earth Said, and Two Niner.

Victoria Lamas also has an interest in the visual arts, as evidenced by the frequent postings of her own paintings and artwork to Instagram. Behind-the-scenes footage of her acrylic paintings is also included.

The 23-year-old model also uses the platform DePop to resell her old clothes to her devoted fan base. Other than name-brand items like a pink Louis Vuitton purse, prices on the site range from $10 to $60, as reported by Hollywood Life.

After rumours that DiCaprio was dating supermodel Gigi Hadid, photos of the two together surfaced. Despite the fact that he is rumoured to routinely dump partners over the age of 25, he has managed to attract these older women.

They were first spotted together in public in September 2022 at a New York Fashion Week party, but have kept their rumoured romance under wraps ever since. Before he started dating Dolores, Leonardo dated model Camila Morrone.


Earlier this year, in September, DiCaprio and Hadid were spotted hanging out at a New York Fashion Week party, sparking dating rumours. Once the Titanic actor’s relationship with model-actor Camila Morrone ended, rumours of their romance began to circulate. The former boyfriend and future father of her daughter is singer Zayn Malik.

Reportedly dating for more than four years, DiCaprio and Morrone made their first public appearance at the 2020 Academy Awards.


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