Santa Monica Beach Plane Crash: Former Mayor Dead

Santa Monica Beach plane crash

According to officials from the city of Santa Monica, a single-engine plane crash that occurred on Thursday just south of the Santa Monica Pier resulted in the death of a former mayor of Santa Monica. According to the statement made by Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the FAA, the Cessna 150 that had landed on the beach at approximately 3:15 p.m. flipped over, and former Mayor Rex Minter was a passenger in the aircraft. The plane crashed into the ground and came to rest in an inverted position.

“The city of Santa Monica mourns the passing of former Mayor Rex H. Minter (1927 -2022), and we send our deepest condolences to his children, grandchildren, family members, and his many friends throughout Santa Monica,” wrote a spokeswoman for the city of Santa Monica, Constance Farrell. “We send our deepest condolences to his children, grandchildren, family members, and his many friends throughout Santa Monica.”

Minter was Elected in Year 1955

According to Farrell, Minter was elected to the Santa Monica City Council in the year 1955, and he served as mayor of the city from 1963 to 1967. Later in his career, he was appointed to the bench of the Los Angeles County Superior Court and worked as the city attorney for Arcadia. In recognition of Minter’s service, the flags flying in front of City Hall will be lowered to the half-staff position, and a meeting of the City Council will be adjourned in the new year. After much effort, the pilot was extracted from the debris. There was a delay in the availability of information concerning the pilot’s status.

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Engine Issues were Reported

According to the FAA, the pilot of the aeroplane reported engine issues while the aircraft was taking off from Santa Monica Airport. An investigation into the collision will be carried out by both the agency and the National Transportation Safety Board.

It was confirmed by the Chief of the Santa Monica Fire Department, Danny Alvarez, that the pilot had called the airport tower prior to the crash landing. “We have a report that they did report some sort of emergency to the tower at Santa Monica Airport, but we’re still gathering the specifics,” he added. “We have a report that they did report some sort of emergency to the tower at Santa Monica Airport.

Crash Video Recorded on a Cellphone

A video recorded on a cellphone at the scene shows the plane making a gradual descent toward the lake’s edge before crashing into the beach and waves, flipping over, and coming to rest in an inverted position. According to the recording of the trip, the pilot had initially intended to fly to Malibu, but around the Pacific Palisades, the aircraft started experiencing engine issues.

The pilot made many attempts to return to Santa Monica Airport before being forced to do an emergency landing on the seashore close to the pier. As the aircraft got closer to the coastline, the air traffic controller warned the pilot, “Landing on the beach is at your own risk.” When the pilot heard this, he said, “I wish I had another choice.”

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Passenger of Plane Got Injured

On Thursday, a tiny plane fell over and crashed in an inverted position along the shoreline of Santa Monica Beach, causing two people to sustain injuries. The Federal Aviation Administration states that the pilot conducted the emergency landing after reporting problems with the engines. According to the agency, the flight had just recently taken off from the Santa Monica Airport.

AIR7 HD was flying overhead as crews struggled to relocate the Cessna 150A, which had a single engine, away from the shore. Eyewitness News was able to collect video that shows the exact moment when the plane crash-landed. Lifeguards from Los Angeles County stated that two people were freed from the water and that both of them sustained injuries; however, information regarding the severity of their wounds was not immediately made public. It is uncertain what their situation is at this time.

No Beachgoers Got Injured

Local employees hauled the plane farther up the beach so it would be out of the way of the tide while they waited for government investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration to arrive. During the incident, there were no beachgoers who sustained injuries. During an otherwise peaceful day at the beach, witnesses were astounded by what they had witnessed and could not believe what they had seen.

Tino Valdez was one of the numerous individuals who were still on the beach when the jet crashed, and he was one of the persons who commented, “I’m utterly blown away, I see a plane in the midst of Santa Monica.” “My partner and I were just approaching the setting sun when we found ourselves in this situation. It was out of control. Never before have I come across something like this.”


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