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Over the course of the past ten years, there have been a great number of young adult romances that have won the hearts of their readers. On the other hand, it may be argued that none of them have been as successful or as enduring as the After film franchise. After, which is based on a novel series written by Anna Todd, has already had three sequels, and the fourth and final one, After Ever Happy, was expected to be out this year.

However, prior to the release of that film, the franchise actor Hero Fiennes Tiffin revealed that there would be a fifth and final film in the series titled After Everything. Another piece of unexpected information was that it had already been filmed. The first teaser trailer for the new final film has been released now, well in advance of its release in 2023, which is when After Everything is scheduled to be released.

After Everything Teaser Out

The other turn of events that took everyone by surprise was the fact that filming had already started. Before its release in 2023, the teaser trailer for the brand-new and concluding movie, After Everything, has finally been released. The film’s brief teaser, which only lasts for thirty-five seconds, does not reveal a great deal about the plot, but it does provide some insight into how Hardin (Tiffin), who is portrayed by Josephine Langford, is dealing with the fallout from his on-and-off romance with Tessa (Langford). As you undoubtedly anticipated, Hardin isn’t dealing with it very well at all.

What we see in After Everything Teaser?

He tells his parents that he can’t seem to get anything written because he keeps thinking about how he feels about Tessa. He says that this is preventing him from being productive. He is unable to bare the thought of living his life apart from her. Hardin’s final act, which was to make reservations for a one-way trip to join his soul mate, brings the story to a satisfying conclusion.

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When is After Everything Releasing?

The good news is that the filming for After Everything has already been completed. In the announcement video that was posted on social media in August of 2022, Hero Fiennes Tiffin provided confirmation of that particular piece of information. However, considering that After Ever Happy is scheduled for release in September 2022, it is highly unlikely that After Everything will be released before 2023.

after everything release

There is currently no release date set for the fifth movie, but assuming it follows the yearly release trend that we’ve seen with the other After movies, fans can anticipate seeing it at some time in the vicinity of September 2023. Currently, there is no release date set for the fifth movie. Or is it possible that it may arrive much sooner than that? Who can say?! When new information becomes available, we will be sure to update this page.

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin is Coming Back?

After Everything’s official Instagram account made the announcement and named both Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford in the post, so it appears that they will be returning their roles as Hardin Scott and Tessa Young in the film! This came as a huge shock to the fans of the series. Fans were also quick to point out that Hero mentioned, “We have just concluded filming on the fifth After movie,” in the announcement video. Additionally, the caption expressed its excitement by saying, “Hessa’s narrative isn’t over.”

Who else is Coming Back?

In addition to the title, there has been no official announcement regarding the cast of After Everything; however, we are able to make two educated assumptions about the cast. It is essential that Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprise their roles as Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, respectively, in the forthcoming instalment of the After film series. Who else, beyond the main couple, will return is still a question that has not been answered.

after everything cast

There is a strong possibility that Landon (Chance Perdomo), Trish (Louise Lombard), Nora (Kiana Madeira; she and Landon have recently moved in together), and Christian (Stephen Moyer) will all return. This, however, cannot be said with absolute certainty. As a result of scheduling conflicts, different actors played the same roles in the third and fourth movies, and it’s possible that the same thing happened here.

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What can be the Plot Of After Everything?

after everything plot

The storylines of Anna Todd’s books with the same titles as the original four After movies were followed fairly faithfully in all of the films. Since the conclusion of the series is reached with the publication of After Ever Happy (book 4), the movie After Everything will not be adapted from any of the books that make up the series. Fans are still holding out hope that we will be given a glimpse into the future of Hardin and Tessa in the novel After Everything, in addition to the continuation of the story of Hessa. Naturally, there is yet another book in the series that has not been turned into a movie, and that book is Before. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that an adaptation of Before that will also be made into a movie is in the works!

To Conclude

So this is what we know so far. The teaser for After Everything is out, and we have tell you what we have observed from it and in addition to that we have shared many more things about After Everything. Hope you like the article. Do not forget to share.


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