Anne Heche Is Stable In The Hospital Following A Car Crash Into Her Los Angeles Home!

Anne Heche had narcotics in system after fiery Los Angeles car crash

Anne Heche, an actress, was reportedly seriously burned in a car crash at a Los Angeles home on Friday morning. The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) said in a statement that “a single passenger vehicle struck and came to rest well within a 738 square foot two-story home in the Mar Vista neighborhood, causing structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire prior to LAFD’s arrival.”

According to a statement posted on their website, “it took fifty-nine firefighters 65 minutes to access, confine, and fully extinguish the stubborn flames inside the heavily damaged structure.”Due to privacy concerns, the LAFD informed Global News that they could not release any additional information about the woman involved in the incident.

Anne Heche, a 53-year-old actress, was reportedly the target of the media’s speculation. In the afternoon, a representative for Heche confirmed that the actress had been in a car crash in which her vehicle had collided with a home and caught fire.

Currently, Anne’s condition is stable. Heather Duffy Boylston, a close friend of Heche’s and co-host on their podcast, issued a statement asking for prayers and privacy for Heche during this time. Television news footage showed a badly damaged and burned blue Mini Cooper Clubman being towed out of the house, and a woman sitting up on a stretcher, struggling as firefighters put her in an ambulance.

Police have not made any arrests and there are no further reports of injuries. Criminal investigators have been called in. Heche, a native of Ohio, first gained widespread attention from 1987 to 1991 as a regular on the NBC soap opera “Another World.” The role she played earned her a Daytime Emmy.

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Heche’s Condition In The Hospital Has Prevented The LAPD From Communicating With Her

Anne Heche “became unconscious, slipping into a coma and is in critical condition” after the accident, her representative said in a statement on Monday, contradicting earlier reports that she was stable. She’s got severe burns and a pulmonary injury that necessitates mechanical ventilation.

Heche's Condition In The Hospital Has Prevented The LAPD From Communicating With Her

A driver struck a two-story home in the Mar Vista neighborhood around noon on Friday, “causing structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire,” as reported by the Los Angeles Fire Department. The LAFD said they rescued a woman who was trapped in the vehicle and took her to a nearby hospital where she was listed in critical condition.

It took nearly 60 firefighters to put out the “stubborn flames within the heavily damaged structure,” the fire department reported.

The LAFD confirmed there were no other people in the vehicle and no other injuries occurred. Medical privacy laws prevented the department from saying whether or not Heche was the driver. The car that crashed and caught fire was Heche’s, as evidenced by DMV and police records.

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Anne Heche, Who Suffered Multiple Burns In A Car Crash, Is Currently Listed As “Stable” In The Intensive Care Unit

Reports from NBC4LA and CNN state that Heche was taken to the hospital on Friday after her car collided with a residence on the 1700 block of Walgrove Avenue in West Los Angeles.

Reportedly, Heche was driving a Mini Cooper that caught fire, causing her to suffer burns. In addition to the crash on Walgrove Avenue, the actor was reportedly involved in another accident at a nearby apartment complex just minutes earlier.

Variety reports that the incident happened as Heche was getting ready to promote her role in the upcoming Lifetime original movie “Girl in Room 13,” a crime thriller about opioid addiction.

Heche was scheduled to promote the upcoming project this week at the Television Critics Association press tour hosted by the network.

Anne Heche On Ventilator Post Fiery Car Crash 

A spokesperson for her has now released an email update on her condition, saying, “Shortly after the accident, Anne became unconscious, slipping into a coma, and is in critical condition.” She has severe burns and a pulmonary injury that necessitates mechanical ventilation. Heche’s friend and podcast co-host Duffy Boylston, however, did not elaborate.

Anne Heche On Ventilator Post Fiery Car Crash 

The Los Angeles Times cited Richard Glass, owner of a salon on Venice Beach, who said Heche was “a sweet little girl” when she bought a red wig from him on Friday morning, just before the accident.

An earlier statement from a Heche rep indicated that the actress was doing fine. The representative continued, “Her family and friends ask that you keep her in your prayers and give her space while she deals with this difficult time.” An examination of the accident’s causes is currently underway.

While Ellen DeGeneres was making headlines in the late 1990s for coming out as a lesbian, the actor was having an affair with her. Heche then married cameraman Coleman Laffoon, but they later divorced; she then dated actor James Tupper for a while afterward.


A fiery car crash claimed the life of the late actress. After further investigation, the coroner concluded that she did not have any detectable amounts of drugs in her system. LA — Los Angeles. At the time of her passing, Anne Heche did not have any drugs that were actively impairing her. That’s what the medical examiner in Los Angeles County said, according to a report cited by KCAL.


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