Epic Games Store Server Crashes Due To Free Game

epic games Server Crash

The Epic Games Store’s servers are catching on fire as a result of the large number of customers trying to download the free game that is being distributed on Christmas Day. The Epic Games Store is having issues with server outages and other types of technical difficulties as a direct result of the overwhelming response to its most recent free game offering for the holidays. People who use EGS came from all around the world to try out the free game that was being offered at the storefront.

Instead, Epic Games has run into significant technological challenges as a result of the difficulty it has experienced in controlling the volume of traffic. Many users are able to access the website, while others have reported issues such as having to continually log in, having to reload their attempted transactions, or receiving an error message that states the servers are currently entirely down.

Epic Store Run Into Problem

After giving out Death Stranding for free during the winter sale, the Epic Games Store may have found itself in a significant amount of trouble. The offer to redeem the game at no cost is currently open to players, and it will remain so for the next 22 hours. The sale has seen demand that is unheard of, which has resulted in the launcher for the store being taken down. An unusually high number of users accessing the server at the same time appears to be the root of this problem.

This may have been caused by the giveaway of Death Stranding. A fifteen-day event will be held for the Epic Games Store Holiday Sale 2022. So far, we have provided both independent and major studio (AAA) games. Tonight’s offering, on the other hand, is totally unique and is likely to be the most well-attended of all of them. Because of this, the launcher for the digital storefront was taken offline because of the extremely high demand for the product.

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Tons of Games Marked Down

In addition, as part of the Christmas sale that Epic is currently running, a large number of their games have current discounts applied to them. At the time of checkout for eligible purchases, Epic will automatically apply a discount voucher good for 25% off the total purchase price. It is applicable to both individual games with a price tag of $14.99 or higher, as well as bundles of games whose combined price is at least $14.99. After it has been used, Epic will provide a new voucher good for your subsequent purchase made during the sale period, which will continue until January 5, 2023 at 11:00am Eastern Time (ET). Not a bad deal!

Epic Games Store Annual Tradition To Give Free Games

Since the opening of the Epic Games Store, Epic Games has made it a yearly habit to distribute free games over the holidays. This year, Epic is giving away games for 15 days, starting on December 15 and running everyday through December 29. Sable, Them’s Fightin’ Herds, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and on Christmas Eve, Metro Last Light Redux are among the games available. Although it’s had a terrific run, the free gift given on Christmas Day has attracted even more attention.

Epic Games and Kojima Productions collaborated to make Death Stranding available for free on Christmas Day. Even though Death Stranding is now three years old, it is by no means an outdated game. But there has been an unexpected surge in interest following Kojima’s announcement of Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards. Additionally, the Director’s Cut of the game was unintentionally made available for free by Epic Games, a mistake that has since been fixed.

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Death Stranding is Unable To Install

death stranding

To keep things simple, the store has made it possible for users to download the game directly from Epic Games’ website. By logging into their accounts, looking for the game, and adding it to their own libraries, they can get it. Members can then download it whenever they wish. The game will remain in players’ libraries indefinitely as long as they redeem it within a predetermined and valid time frame.

Death Stranding can be downloaded with any supported browser, but redeeming it is a different matter. Since the installation can only be done through the application, Epic Games’ launcher will be necessary. Therefore, everyone who would have hoped to spend Christmas Eve playing the popular game will be extremely disappointed by the launcher’s failure.

To Conclude

Because of the overwhelming response to its most recent promotion of free holiday games, the Epic Games Store is experiencing server breakdowns and other technical difficulties. Users of EGS from all over the world flocked to the shop in a frantic attempt to get their hands on the giveaway game. Instead, they have been experiencing significant technical difficulties due to the fact that Epic Games has been unable to handle the volume of visitors.

Although many users have been able to communicate with one another, others have been had to log in an excessive number of times, have had to reload their attempt to make a purchase, or have received an error message stating that the servers are currently unavailable.


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