HAWTHORNE: Man Shot And Killed While Driving!

Man Shot to Death in His Car on Street Hawthorne

In WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina (WGHP) — Large numbers of law enforcement personnel were dispatched to South Hawthorne Road after a shooting and car accident.

Numerous calls were made to police from residents of the 1000 block of South Hawthorne Rd. reporting hearing gunshots and a car crash.

It is believed that the victim and the suspect were both in a car on Ebert Street when the shooting occurred. The victim was trying to get away from the shooter when he or she crashed into another vehicle.

The suspect fled in a car and was never seen again. A third driver also received medical attention at the scene for minor injuries before being transported to the hospital with the victim. It appears that two houses were shot at, but no one was hurt.

Authorities believe this to be an isolated incident. After being closed for a while, South Hawthorne Road finally reopened on Friday morning. There is still a lot to find out as the investigation continues.

Murder Charges Were Filed Against A Man Whose Ex-Girlfriend Was Killed Just Outside The Hawthorne Police Station

The man, 30, was arrested and charged with murder on Tuesday for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend to death during a custody exchange outside the Hawthorne police station.

Murder Charges Were Filed Against A Man Whose Ex-Girlfriend Was Killed Just Outside The Hawthorne Police Station

According to documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Hawthorne resident Jacob Ryan Munn is also charged with possessing a firearm while being a convicted felon, as well as a special circumstances allegation of lying in wait.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has denied Munn bail. He could be sentenced to death if found guilty, or to life in prison without the chance of release. Prosecutors have not yet decided whether or not to seek the death penalty.

The custody exchange between Munn and his ex-girlfriend, Brenda Renteria, who is 28 years old, was scheduled to take place at the Police Department on Sunday so that Renteria could pick up their 17-month-old son. Prosecutors claim that when Renteria arrived at the police station, Munn had already dropped the boy off inside.


According to the prosecution, Munn shot and killed Renteria as she approached the station’s entrance.

An officer heard gunfire inside the station and ran out to confront Munn, who was driving away in a black Chevrolet truck. The bullet missed Munn. At the scene, Renteria’s death was officially ruled an accident.

After following Munn’s car, police found it abandoned at 133rd Street and Hawthorne Boulevard, in front of a Denny’s. A search party was dispatched with canines to the area and a perimeter was set up to try and locate him. About three hours later, in the 4400 block of 134th Street, police said they had him in custody on murder charges.

Final Words

Officers from the Hawthorne Police Department responded to reports of shots fired in the 11500 block of York Avenue at around 7:30 p.m., according to a news release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The man, whose identity has not been released, was found in the area.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the suspicious death of a man in Hawthorne. When officers arrived, they discovered the victim had been shot in the upper torso and pronounced dead at the scene. There was nothing else to learn. The LAPD Homicide Bureau can be reached at (323-)890-5500 if anyone has any leads.


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