Gov Newson pardons 10 people

The power to grant pardons is delegated to the Governor of California by the state’s constitution. The Governor believes that clemency is an essential component of the criminal justice system because it has the potential to encourage accountability and rehabilitation, as well as to boost public safety by removing obstacles that are counterproductive to a successful reintroduction into society. A pardon may also erase other collateral repercussions of a conviction that are unfair, such as deportation or the separation of a family for life.

Clemency for Self Improvement

The offence that was committed is not forgiven, nor is the damage that it inflicted diminished by a pardon. Instead, these pardons acknowledge the recipients’ self-improvement and rehabilitation since the time of their original conviction.

In his evaluation of clemency requests, Governor Newsom takes into account a wide range of factors, including an applicant’s behaviour since the commission of the offence, whether the grant is compatible with maintaining public safety and serving the interests of justice, and the effect of the grant on the community as a whole, including the experiences of survivors of crimes and victims of crimes. A total of 140 pardons, 123 commutations, and 35 reprieves have been issued by Governor Newsom while he has been in office.

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Man With Drug Offences Two Decade Ago Get Pardon

On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom of California issued ten pardons, including ones to some individuals who had been convicted of drug offences more than two decades ago and one individual who was facing the potential of deportation. Clemency is a power that is granted to the Governor of California by the California Constitution. A commutation shortens the amount of time that a person must serve in jail.

The Effect Of Pardons

effect of pardons

A pardon would have the same effect, but in addition, it would restore certain civil rights to individuals who had already served their terms and been released from prison. After providing evidence to superior courts across the state that they had been “lived an upright life” since their convictions, several of the individuals who were granted pardons earned a Certificate of Rehabilitation, which was issued by the courts.

Along with considering whether the pardon is “compatible with public safety and in the interest of justice,” Newsom took into consideration the beneficiaries’ behaviour following the commission of the offence. According to a press statement, the governor took into consideration how granting a pardon would impact the community as a whole, particularly the people who had survived or been affected by a crime.

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Complete List of People in Newsom’s Pardon

people get pardons
  • John Berger, a former soldier in the US Army, was found guilty in 1994 of trafficking a restricted drug. He is currently employed helping others maintain their sobriety.
  • Kathy Uetz, who served more than 5,000 hours of community emergency response team volunteer work after being found guilty of drug-related crimes in 1997.
  • Santiago Lopez, then 19 years old, was found guilty of drug-related crimes in 2001. He currently oversees the church’s facilities, serves as a peer counsellor, and founded a nonprofit organisation for young leaders with his wife.
  • Due to his conviction for transporting or selling marijuana as well as having marijuana in his possession with the intent to sell, 60-year-old Lucas Beltran Dominguez may be deported and his family may be split up. The father of seven is an involved churchgoer.
  • Michael Farrier was found guilty of second-degree robbery and first-degree burglary.
  • Kimberly Gregorio, who was convicted of possessing a prohibited narcotic with intent to sell and impeding an officer in 1988, received a four-year probationary term and 180 days in jail.
  • James King Ill, who was found guilty of distributing cocaine.
  • Kenneth Lyerly, who was given a term in 2004 after being found guilty of selling a restricted narcotic.
  • Jimmy Picton, who was found guilty of trespassing and having a controlled narcotic with the intent to sell in the 1970s.
  • Julie Ruehle, a 19-year-old who was given a prison term in 1999 for drug possession and unlawfully seizing a vehicle.

To Conclude

Gov. Gavin Newsom of California pardoned 10 people on Friday, including some who were convicted of drug offences more than 20 years ago and someone who was in danger of being deported. The governor of California has the power to pardon people under the California Constitution. The duration of a prison sentence is shortened through a commutation. The same may be accomplished through a pardon, but those who have already served their terms also have some of their civil rights restored.


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  1. Thanks you Governor for giving back these people the pardons . I applied for it when the Governor was Arnold he denied it even though I had certificate of rehab and I was working and paying taxes and helping other addicts to achive sobriety and be productive member of society.
    I was denied of citizenship and that made my life miserable and I was almost deported .
    the charge of the possession of narcotic I had it wasn’t even enough to be charged for it was residue on plastic .IF IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE I BELIEVE THEY WOULDN’T BE CHARGED .
    Once again thank you for giving pardons to these people.
    Governor Arnold wrote me letter stating that they are pleased with progress and they stated at mean time we cannot grant you the pardon however we will put your case in the archives when the next Governor comes you can reapply.
    my name is Varoujan Avedissian.
    Have a blessed and wonderful day Mr Governor.

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