Prosecutors Say A Man Who Was Out On Felony Bail Attempted To kill And Rape His Tenant!

Man tried to kill, rape his tenant while on felony bail

A Chi-Town A Chicago man with four prior convictions is facing charges of attempted murder and attempted criminal sexual assault after he allegedly tried to rape and kill a woman who was renting a room from him.

In order to protect the alleged victim, CWBChicago is only using the man’s initials, JD. JD is the 53rd person in Chicago this year accused of murder or attempted murder while on trial for another felony. There were at least 91 victims of the alleged crimes, including 24 fatalities.

Prosecutors say the woman and her husband have been renting a room from JD since November, but that the two had never socialized before the alleged attack on December 23.

During their evening out, the couple had an argument over drinks. As the couple was arguing, JD called the husband and came over to intervene. Instead, JD, 35, offered to drive the woman home and, according to the prosecution, made a pit stop at a friend’s house to deliver a Christmas present.

The woman recalled drinking “moonshine” with JD before they arrived at their shared residence, where they stayed for roughly 40 minutes. After returning home, JD allegedly admitted to the woman that he had been secretly going through her dirty clothes to satisfy himself.

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When The Woman Realized She Didn’t Know What To Say To JD About His Confession, She Went To Bed

According to the prosecution, when she woke up on Christmas Eve, JD was naked except for his underwear. She claims he threatened to rape and kill her while he was choking her. According to the prosecution, JD punched and slapped the victim in the face, stomach, and back before leaving the room for a few moments.

When The Woman Realized She Didn't Know What To Say To JD About His Confession, She Went To Bed

The victim called her husband and hid her phone in her bra so he could listen in on the situation. Allegedly, her husband overheard JD threatening to rape and kill the woman. Prosecutors claim that JD admitted to having killed two other people and stated that he was looking forward to smelling the woman’s blood.

The woman requested water from JD, changed into her underwear, bolted from the house, hid, and then dialed 911.

Video from a doorbell, the prosecution claims, shows JD leaving the residence after the woman has fled. When Chicago police arrived, he tried to retreat indoors, but they gave chase. During a struggle that was caught on camera by the police officer’s body camera, JD attempted to choke the officer. JD was arrested after additional police arrived and took him into custody.

Among the many charges against him are those of attempted first-degree murder, attempted criminal sexual assault, aggravated domestic battery, aggravated battery of a peace officer, and resisting police.

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In 2005, he was convicted of burglary; in 2012, he was convicted of attempted burglary; in 2013, he was convicted of unlawful use of a credit card; and in 2013, he was convicted of possessing a stolen motor vehicle. Prosecutors say he was already facing charges for a felony involving drugs when he allegedly attempted murder. For JD, it all comes down to “he said, she said” and some alcoholic beverages, according to his lawyer.

Series That Are “Not Horrible”

Series That Are Not Horrible

Here we continue our coverage of people out on bond for a felony case who is accused of murder, attempted murder, or aggravated assault.

Since Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans publicly stated in March 2019 that “we haven’t had any horrible incidents” under the court’s bond reform initiative, CWBChicago has been publishing a series of reports on the topic.

No doubt, the actual number of homicides and shootings committed by people out on felony bail is much higher than what is shown here. City data shows that since 2017, CPD has filed charges in only 33% of homicides and less than 5% of all shootings.

Last Words

Since the woman’s husband claimed to have heard JD’s threats on his wife’s hidden phone, Judge Charles Beach ruled that the case involved more than just the two parties’ words against each other. The judge also mentioned the doorbell footage that allegedly showed the woman running naked from her house with JD close behind.


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