SoCal To Get Rain For 5 Days Straight Starting Tuesday

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Southern California appears to be in for many days of rain to conclude 2022 after a bright Christmas weekend. According to the most recent projections, Los Angeles and Orange County will likely see rain for five straight days starting on Tuesday and going through New Year’s Eve, then there will be sunshine on New Year’s Day and then another three days of probable rain.

The National Weather Service predicts that Los Angeles and Orange County will likely experience rain on Tuesday night and that snowfall in the mountains will likely occur on Wednesday night. Through Saturday, there is a risk of rain every day. The NWS predicted that the initial band of precipitation will bring between a half-inch and 1.5 inches of rain to Los Angeles County, and 3 inches in the coastal mountain slopes.

Rain Prediction From Monday Night

rain prediction from monday

The system will begin dumping rain across the counties of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo late on Monday. The meteorological agency noted that the systems’ timing later in the week is “problematic and would probably demand modifications with subsequent projections.” The agency stated that “uncertainty develops from there,” as ensemble solutions differ in the trajectory and depth of the succeeding short wave on Thursday and the waves later in the week through New Year’s Day. There aren’t any winter weather alerts in place right now for the region.

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5 Days Straight Rain Forecast

The most recent forecasts indicate that Los Angeles and Orange County will have a probability of precipitation for five straight days starting on Tuesday and lasting through New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Day will be sunny, but the next three days will have a risk of rain. The Los Angeles County will receive between a half-inch and 1.5 inches of rain from the initial band of precipitation, according to the National Weather Service, while the coastal mountain slopes would receive 3 inches.

rain forecast

The timing of the systems that will develop later in the week is “challenging” and “will definitely need changes with later predictions,” according to the National Weather Service. The government agency claimed that since “ensemble solutions vary in the trajectory and depth of the short wave that follows on Thursday,” as well as the additional waves that will happen later in the week and into New Year’s Day, “uncertainty builds from there.”

The Storm Door To Be Open

The National Weather Service (NWS) reports that there is a chance of rain every day for the remainder of the week, therefore the storm door will remain open. There is a risk of yet another major storm this weekend, and showers are likely to continue on and off through Friday. It will be warm in the 70s on Monday in the Los Angeles area, then in the 60s on Tuesday and Wednesday, and finally in the upper 50s on Thursday and Friday.

Drought-stricken California’s mountain snowpack, which is a crucial part of the state’s water supply, is off to a good start. Analysts, though, are cautious. The last winter started roughly like this one, but from January through March, the months that generally bring the most rain and snow, it was extremely dry.

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People Should Expect Drastic Changes Due To Rain

According to the most recent report from the National Weather Service, residents of Los Angeles should brace themselves for “drastic shifts” on Tuesday, when temperatures are forecasted to drop by at least 20 degrees and fall into the low 60s. According to a statement made by meteorologist Ryan Kittell on Monday, “This is a good, healthy storm that is going to produce largely beneficial rain,” which indicates that there shouldn’t be a whole lot of repercussions as far as flooding is concerned.

“Though it’s safe to say that the road conditions won’t be ideal for travelling at all.” A chance of drizzle is also in the forecast for Thursday and Friday. On New Year’s Eve, there is a chance of more significant rainfall. Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, wrote in a blog post on Monday that he anticipates heavy rain and strong winds, particularly across Northern California, as a result of an especially “robust” atmosphere river. An atmosphere river is a plume of extremely moist air that originates from near the Hawaiian islands and the Western Pacific. Swain expects the plume to be particularly “robust” this week.

Final Words

After a sunny and lovely Christmas holiday weekend in 2022, Southern California is expected to see a gloomy and chilly final week of the year. The last day of warm, dry weather will be Monday before things start to get bad. There is a decent probability of rain on Tuesday, and the rest of the week will have more opportunities as well.

After a dry New Year’s Day, there is a possibility for further precipitation. On Monday, the temperature will be in the seventies, with a later-day increase in cloud cover. Tuesday is expected to bring a 15 degree dip in temperature in some areas. After hitting a high of 79 degrees on Monday, temperatures in the downtown Los Angeles area will plummet to 64 degrees on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


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