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Ongoing debates centre on the question of what will become of the mountain lion P-22, which was much liked in the Los Angeles area. On December 17th, it was determined that the well-liked cat, who was 12 years old, had been suffering from chronic health issues as well as significant injuries. As a result, the cat was put to sleep. On Friday, the National History Museum of Los Angeles County received the P-22’s skeletal remains in their collection.

According to the museum, a ceremony of blessing and welcome “back to his hometown” was performed for P-22 upon his homecoming. Tribal representatives led the ceremony. In a statement that was posted on Facebook, the museum explained that “Decisions on next steps will continue to be taken jointly with local Tribes,” and that “further information will be released as it becomes available.”

Native American Wants to Burry the Body near Griffith Park

Members of the Native American community in Southern California have a special connection to the mountain lion, and they are hoping to honour the big cat by burying his body near Griffith Park. This is where the mountain lion roamed for more than a decade after leaving the Santa Monica Mountains, having crossed two motorways, and, at one point, being captured on camera by National Geographic in an iconic photograph in front of the Hollywood sign.

When the mountain lion passed away, the Native American community in Southern California shared a special link On Friday, the authorities disclosed their knowledge that the lion’s skeletal bones had been delivered to the museum. According to the museum, a ceremony of blessing and welcome “back to his hometown” was performed for P-22 upon his homecoming. Tribal representatives led the ceremony.

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Museum Not Plan To Taxidermy The Body of P-22

Miguel Ordeana submitted an application for the Natural History Museum to receive P-22’s bones for research reasons more than a year before P-22 actually passed away. At the time, Ordeana believed that P-22 would be displayed at the museum. P-22 was taken from San Diego to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County after a necropsy. To “welcome P-22 back to his hometown,” museum officials and ancestors from the Gabrieleo/Tongva, Tataviam, Chumash, Gabrielino-Shoshone, Akimel O’otham, and Luiseo Tribes staged a blessing ritual.

Museum Not Plan To Taxidermy The Body of P-22

Native American tribes in Southern California refer to mountain lions as instructors, and they want P-22 to be laid to rest with a ceremony that respects his spirit close to Griffith Park. The museum does not intend to display his remains or taxidermize his body. After December 25 is planned a memorial service for the mountain lion.

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Medical Evaluation of P-22

After what appears to have been a collision with a vehicle, P-22 was subjected to a medical examination that was carried out by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. This examination found that P-22 had suffered “severe trauma” to his skull, right eye, and internal organs. In addition to his wounds, the veterinarians discovered that P-22 suffered from kidney illness, persistent weight loss, arthritis, and “extensive parasitic skin infection throughout his entire body.”

Medical Evaluation of P-22

According to a statement issued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), in a press release, “P-22’s advanced age, combined with chronic, debilitating, life-shortening conditions and the clear need for extensive long-term veterinary intervention left P-22 with no hope for a positive outcome.”

About P-22

P-22 was a wild mountain lion that lived in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California, which is located on the eastern side of the Santa Monica Mountains. P-22 was estimated to have been born in 2009 or 2010 and died on December 17, 2022. P-22 was not discovered for the first time until 2012, during which time it received a great deal of attention from the media in the form of a great number of books, television programmes, and other works of art.

Multiple sightings of P-22 were made in the Hollywood Hills district of Los Angeles, where the city is located. He wore a radio collar so that he could be watched. P-22 stayed in Griffith Park for ten years until he was apprehended and euthanized on December 17, 2022. He had suffered traumatic injuries consistent with being hit by a car in addition to other longer-term health difficulties. P-22’s death was the result of a combination of these conditions.


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  1. It would be wonderful to have a life-like statue of him and a secure place to rest in Griffith Park.
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