A 24-Year-Old Woman Killed On Christmas Day Street Takeover

woman killed in street takeover

On Christmas Day, a car that was taking part in an illegal street carnival in Los Angeles struck and killed a spectator before fleeing the scene, according to the reports of the California police. In a news release, the police stated that they are searching for the driver involved in the fatal hit-and-run that occurred at 9:05 p.m. on December 25 near the intersection of Florence Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard.

That’s approximately 8 kilometres to the north-northeast of Los Angeles International Airport. According to KTTV, Elyzza Guajaca, a nursing student who was 24 years old, was killed after she was struck by a car that was performing “donuts” in the roadway. According to the authorities, the driver lost control of the vehicle, which resulted in Guajaca and other bystanders on the corner being struck by the vehicle.

Victim Identified By The Family

woman dead in street takeover

When the automobile veered off the road and crashed into a group of spectators, the authorities believe that the female victim, who was 24 years old, was injured by the vehicle. According to KTLA, the woman has not been publicly recognised by authorities; however, her family has revealed that she was a nursing student called Elyzza Guajaca. She was taken to the hospital, but a medical examiner sadly confirmed that she had passed away there. Other people who were watching the incident were hurt as well.

According to information given to FOX 11 by other family members, Elyzza Guajaca was employed at the Los Angeles International Airport and enrolled in nursing school. She fell in love with the culture surrounding cars after the first “Fast and Furious” movie came out and loved going to events like the one she was at on Sunday.

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Hundreds Of Vehicle was taking part in Street Takeover

According to KTLA’s report, the spectacle comprised “exploding fireworks and burning Christmas trees” in addition to the involvement of more than one hundred automobiles. Sideshows are impromptu auto shows in which drivers display their vehicles and do various antics in front of an audience.

The Car lose the Control

car lose control in street takeover

Around 9:30 p.m., over a hundred people gathered at Crenshaw Boulevard and West Florence Avenue, a common gathering site for the hyped-up illegal street sideshows when drivers display their prowess by spinning out their cars, racing, and performing burnouts that send plumes of smoke skyward. The unidentified woman was hit as she was observing with the crowd.

“The automobile seemed to be simply spinning before it lost control and slammed into the crowd. According to LAPD Lt. Ernie Berry, the manoeuvre was extraordinarily swift and powerful. According to Berry, the event was documented on social media video. Two people were thrown to the ground as a result of the ruckus. One person was caught in the gap between the vehicle and a pole or other object.

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Driver Fled, Authority Announced Reward of $50,000

driver fled

The woman was taken to a trauma centre, where she eventually died as a result of her injuries. Police are searching for the driver who fled the scene. “Our worst nightmare has come true in this. We did not intend for this to occur. Berry noted that a significant mass casualty incident might have happened. The raucous takeovers have influenced the street environment in Southern California. And they have happened more frequently.

The number of sideshows recorded by the Los Angeles Police Department during the first half of this year increased from 500 during the same period last year. The incident’s driver fled the scene in the car, and authorities are still looking for him or her. According to authorities, a reward of up to $50,000 might be offered for any information that results in the driver’s arrest.

Authority Reports 2 Death, But this is not the First Time

The Los Angeles Police Department reports that there were 705 unlawful street shows in the city during the first six months of 2022, which is an increase from the 500 that occurred during the same time period the previous year.

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There were Terrifying Driving

There were hundreds of onlookers at the takeover, according to Cheyenne Colvin, who claimed that “you could see the smoke, and you could smell it.” You added, “You could see how people would have to jump back because they were so close when they were performing the donuts. You were able to see it. Along with the terrifying driving, several people also set off fireworks. I initially thought they were firing, but I later realised they also had lasers.

street takeover witness

Show Ends After Cop Came

She asserts that this is not the first time that their neighbourhoods and streets have been attacked by autos. The individual asserted, “They are organised, they are not just random takeovers,” noting that the activities usually finish when the cops show around. On Sunday, though, the bunch showed up once more and appeared at the intersection. “They continued for a longer time and then came back. The first one they did it for probably lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. After that, they carried it out in the second occurrence for about an hour before the cops showed up.”


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