Chi-Town Police Open Fire On A 13-Year-Old Who Sped Away From A Stolen Car; The Suspension Of A Police Officer!

Chicago boy, 13, steals car from suburban dealership, leads cops on high speed chase prosecutors

On Wednesday night in the South Austin neighborhood of Chicago, a police officer opened fire on a 13-year-old boy who had just fled from a stolen vehicle linked to an earlier auto theft in Oak Park.

It took two days for the series of events that culminated in the shooting to unfold. Everything we know so far suggests that the teenager was unarmed when he was shot by police. CPD announced on Friday that the officer involved had been temporarily stripped of his police powers while the shooting investigation continued.

Supt. David Brown of the Chicago Police Department said at a press conference on Thursday night that a silver 2008 Honda Accord was stolen from the 100 block of West Randolph Street in the city’s downtown near City Hall on Monday after the keys were left in the ignition and the car was left running.

Chi-Town Police Open Fire On A 13-Year-Old Who Sped Away From A Stolen Car; The Suspension Of A Police Officer!

Brown said that at 7:32 p.m. on Tuesday, a Honda CR-V was left running in Oak Park with a 3-year-old girl sitting in the backseat. Thieves snatched the CR-V, Brown said and took off with the kid inside. A carjacking was suspected in this incident.

Apparently, the mother of the girl grabbed onto the car and was dragged, ultimately falling and breaking her clavicle, as related by Brown. Shortly thereafter, the CR-V was discovered abandoned with the child still inside, and she was reunited with her family.

Meanwhile, police in Oak Park reported that a Honda Accord stolen the night before in downtown Oak Park was also used as a getaway vehicle in the heist there.

At various points throughout the day and evening on Wednesday, the stolen Honda Accord kept popping up on a license plate reader. License plate readers picked up the Accord at 10:12 p.m. on Roosevelt Road and Independence Boulevard in Lawndale. Once the Chicago Police helicopter located the car, it radioed the car’s location to the ground units.

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Wednesday night at 10:24, according to Brown, police located the Honda Accord and attempted to pull it over. Police say they attempted to pull over the vehicle at Chicago and Cicero avenues, but the occupants fled on foot.

The exiting passenger, later identified as the 13-year-old boy, was pursued by several officers. To avoid the police, he ran to the parking lot of a gas station in the 800 block of North Cicero Avenue, where Brown said he turned around and faced the officer.

Brown Claimed That The Officer Fired His Weapon At The Boy Once, Hitting Him

Brown stated that the investigation into the 13-year-old boy’s possible involvement in the earlier auto theft crimes is ongoing. However, Brown noted that preliminary evidence suggests the boy was involved.

For the most part, Brown avoided the reporters’ inquiries about the incident.

Reporter Suzanne Le Mignot from CBS 2 was told the boy was shot in the back by credible sources involved in the investigation. Le Mignot was informed by medical staff at Stroger Hospital for Children in Cook County that he was in critical condition and being treated in the pediatric trauma unit.

The Hospital Where The Adolescent Was Being Treated Was Under Police Guard

Shots fired at police was the first call made to dispatchers by officers at the intersection of Chicago and Cicero avenues. The emergency call was made to 10-1 for police assistance.

The Hospital Where The Adolescent Was Being Treated Was Under Police Guard

However, hours later, when police detailed the incident, they failed to mention that officers had been shot at. Brown stated as of late Thursday that there were no shots fired at law enforcement.

“The officer’s body camera was on, and COPA has access to third-party and POD video that shows what happened. On the scene, no weapon was found “According to a press release from the COPA, First Deputy Chief Administrator Ephraim Eddy said.

When firefighters from Chicago arrived, they saw police officers trying to treat the teenager’s wounds.

A second suspect, according to Brown, took off in the stolen vehicle. A short time later, police discovered it sitting abandoned on the 3800 block of West Monroe Street. No law enforcement officers were injured as a result of the gunfire.

Final Words

Police in the Chicago suburb of Carol Stream pursued two teenagers who they say stole a car at gunpoint from a shopping center and then fled on foot into a park.

The two Chicago teenagers have been charged with multiple felonies in connection with the robbery that took place on Friday at a strip mall in the 200 block of West Army Trail Road, according to the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s Office.

The victim was standing near his Dodge Challenger Hellcat at around 7:00 p.m. when two juveniles, a boy and a girl, allegedly approached him.

One of the teens drew a weapon and slammed the barrel into the victim’s side. The other teenager made an unsuccessful attempt to steal the victim’s keys from his pocket, and the victim ended up handing over the key fob to one of the attackers.


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