High Bacteria In LA Beaches

Those who are planning on going to the beach this week should know that all of the beaches in Los Angeles County are currently under an advisory due to the presence of excessive germs caused by rains. The advice went into place on Tuesday and will continue to do so until Friday, December 30 at 4:30 p.m., local time.

Effect On Beach To Be Prolonged

According to the experts, the current alert that is in effect for the beaches of Los Angeles County may be prolonged if there is additional rainfall activity. According to the National Weather Service, precipitation started falling in the greater Los Angeles area on Tuesday afternoon, and brief but intense downpours are forecasted to continue intermittently through Friday.

effect on the beach

Due to the strong waves and rip currents, surfers in the counties of Los Angeles and Ventura should steer clear of the ocean waters. It is likely that there will be an increase in the number of individuals who drown at this time due to the fact that rip currents can drag swimmers out to sea and waves can wash people off of beaches and rocks as well as capsize small boats.

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LA County Department Of Public Health Issued Warning

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has issued a warning to the general public to avoid the water due to increased levels of “chemicals, debris, trash, and other public health hazards from city streets and mountain areas likely to contaminate ocean waters at and around discharging storm drains, creeks, and rivers.” The public is urged to heed this warning and avoid getting into the water.

beach warning issued

Officials have issued a warning to citizens that they should avoid going into the water of the ocean during this time period. People with compromised immune systems, youngsters, and the elderly are most at risk for contracting the disease. After a period of substantial rainfall, the Department of Public Health advises beachgoers to avoid coming into touch with the water of the ocean for at least three days.

Beach Closure

In the event that there is a known sewage or chemical leak that is affecting the ocean waters, a beach will be closed. Someone who comes into contact with water runs the risk of being unwell. When a beach is closed, the Department of Public Health encourages people who use the beach to avoid coming into any kind of contact with the water of the ocean in the area where closure signs are posted as well as in the closure area itself.

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Ocean Water Rain Advisory Also Issued

advisory issued

When there is a considerable amount of rainfall that has the potential to cause bacteria levels in the ocean waters to grow, a rain advisory is issued. The toxins that are carried by the runoff into the ocean can cause levels of bacteria to rise dramatically during and after storms that contain rain. Depending on the severity of the rain and the amount of runoff, the bacterial count may remain elevated for up to three days after it has stopped raining.

The presence of high amounts of bacteria in ocean water has the potential to make people sick, particularly younger and older people. After a large rainfall, the Department of Public Health advises beachgoers to avoid coming into contact with the water in the ocean for a period of three days, particularly in areas close to flowing storm drains, creeks, and rivers. This recommendation is especially pertinent in these areas.


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