Man On Felony Bail Tries To Rape & Kill His Tenant

Man On Felony Bail

A guy who has been convicted of a felony four times has been charged with attempted murder and attempted criminal sexual assault by Chicago prosecutors. The man is accused of trying to rape and kill a lady who rented a room in his home in Chicago. In order to protect the identity of the claimed victim, CWBChicago will only refer to the accused man by his initials, JD.

JD is the 53rd individual in Chicago who is now awaiting trial for a felony charge who has been accused of killing or shooting someone, or trying to kill or shoot someone, while in custody. At least 91 people were victims of the alleged crimes, and 24 of them passed away.

What Happened That Day

That evening, the pair had a disagreement after going out for drinks together earlier. JD made a call to the spouse and joined the pair, but he left since they were arguing so much that he couldn’t stand to listen. Instead, JD, who is 35 years old, allegedly made an offer to accompany the woman home, but on the way, he made a stop at the residence of a friend in order to deliver a Christmas present.

They were there for about forty minutes, and during that time, the woman recalled that she had consumed “moonshine” before JD drove her to the home that she and JD shared. After they returned home, JD allegedly confessed to the woman that he had been covertly enjoying himself by looking through her unclean clothes while they were out. The woman went to bed because she was at a loss for what to say in response to JD’s admission.

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JD Threaten Woman To Rape & Kill

According to the prosecution, when she woke up on Christmas Eve, JD was lying alongside her and was naked from the waist down. He allegedly strangled her while threatening to rape and kill her at the same time, according to the allegations. Prosecutors claim that JD hit and slapped the woman multiple times before leaving the room shortly after attacking her in the face, stomach, and back.

The victim took advantage of the opportunity to call her husband, and after she finished talking to him, she hid her phone in her bra so that he could listen in on what was going on. It is stated that her husband overheard JD shouting that he was going to rape and kill the woman. Prosecutors assert that at one point during the investigation, JD made the assertion that he was responsible for the deaths of two other persons and that he would take pleasure in the aroma of the woman’s blood.

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Women Hid & Dials Emergency Number

According to the prosecution, the woman and her husband have been renting a room from JD, but the three of them had never hung out together prior to the alleged incident that took place on December 23. After having JD get her a glass of water, the woman hurriedly changed into her underpants, bolted from the house, hid, and then dialled the emergency number.

JD is Accused Of Murder Attempt

He is accused of attempting to commit murder in the first degree, attempting to commit criminal sexual assault, aggravated domestic battery, aggravated battery of a peace officer, and resisting arrest by the police. In his past, he has been convicted of several felonies, including burglary in 2005, attempted burglary in 2012, unauthorised use of a credit card in 2013, and possession of a stolen motor vehicle in 2013. Prosecutors said that at the time of the alleged attempt on his life, he was already facing charges of felony drug possession.

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Case Involved More Than One Person’s Word

The claims against JD, according to his public defence, can be summed up as “he said, she said” with the addition of booze. However, Judge Charles Beach stated that the case involved more than one person’s word against another’s because the man who was married to the lady allegedly heard JD making threats through the woman’s disguised phone. The judge also brought up the video captured by the doorbell, which purportedly showed the woman fleeing her house while wearing only her panties, with JD trailing behind her. After then, Beach agreed to the state’s motion to keep JD in custody without bail.

The Footage From The Doorbell

The footage from the doorbell, which was obtained by the prosecutors, allegedly shows JD leaving the house after the woman had escaped. When the Chicago police arrived, he tried to hide inside the building, but the officers pursued him. During the battle that was caught on camera by the officer’s body camera, JD made an attempt to choke the officer. JD was placed under arrest with the arrival of additional officers.


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