Southern California To Get Rain & Snow Due To Cold Winter Storm

SoCal Cold Winter Storm

Everything from jackets to umbrellas to shorts and T-shirts. It’s anticipated that Southern California could have spells of heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday due to a cold winter storm. Since our beautiful Christmas Day weather, afternoon temperatures on Tuesday will have dropped by about 20 degrees, barely getting as high as the 60s in downtown Los Angeles.

As of 4:45 a.m., KTLA radar imagery indicated that a broad band of showers was already falling in the Fresno and San Jose regions. According to the National Weather Service, rain started falling in the Los Angeles region on Tuesday afternoon and continued overnight in intermittent bursts of heavy rain.

Hazardous Weather is Coming

south california snow weather

“From there on out, it’s just going to get more ubiquitous for us,” De Leon added. “Weather forecasters are predicting that the afternoon and evening commutes will be hazardous due to periods of moderate to heavy rain at times. On those more recent burn scars, there is the possibility of debris flow.

By Tuesday night, precipitation is predicted to fall throughout Southern California, while snow is likely to fall in the mountains by Wednesday night. It is anticipated that snow levels will continue higher than 7,000 feet. Even though the most of the rain will have moved out of Southern California by the morning of Wednesday, the roadways will still be wet for the morning commute.

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No Winter Advisory for the Region Yet

However, that is not the end of it. There is a probability of precipitation in the forecast for each day through Saturday, which may cause some changes to the plans that have been made for New Year’s Eve. Rainfall amounts ranging from a half an inch to one and a half inches were forecasted to fall in Los Angeles County during the first band of precipitation. Along the slopes of the coastal mountains, rainfall of three inches is likely.

There have not been any winter weather advisories issued for the region as of yet. Temperatures will fall into the 30s in the mountains and the Antelope Valley, but will generally stay in the 40s and lower 50s in the lower elevations of the valley and the plains.

Tuesday & Wednesday to See Rain

The weather office warned that showers could appear and disappear throughout Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to see between 0.5 and 1.5 inches of rain in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. For the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, little less rain is anticipated. Between 1.5 and 3 inches of rain could fall in mountain and foothill regions.

On Tuesday, locals in foothills and recently burned areas were bracing for potential mudflows. With 1 to 2 inches of snow, snow levels will likely decrease to approximately the 6,000-foot mark. Just in time for the new year, another huge storm is predicted to hit this weekend.

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Once In A Generation

A significant winter storm and cold blast will affect nearly every state and bring what the National Weather Service is calling a “once in a generation type event” that will cripple travel on some of the busiest travel days of the year. The National Weather Service has called this a “once in a generation type event.”

south california storm

The National Weather Service has issued a “life-threatening” wind chill warning for millions of people throughout the United States due to the strengthening storm that is expected to bring more than a foot of snow and maybe blizzard conditions to the Midwest.

The National Weather Service has issued winter weather warnings for more than 90 million people, while wind chill warnings have been issued for more than 87 million. The warnings have been issued for a total of 37 states, reaching as far south as the state line between Texas and Mexico.

No One Gonna Be Skip

Locations that are less likely to be affected by snow will nonetheless be quite chilly. Beginning Thursday morning, areas from eastern Montana through the Dakotas will be subjected to the coldest air in the United States. The wind chills in Montana and the Dakotas are already as low as 50 to 60 degrees below zero, and they are expected to drop considerably further as it becomes dark on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, the temperature in Rapid City will feel like it is 45 degrees below zero. The wind chill in Chicago will reach its lowest point of 30 degrees below zero by the morning of Friday.


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