Caught On Camera: U.S. Police Apprehend Man After GTA-Style Chase That Spans An Hour Ends In A Crash!

Caught On Camera Man Arrested In US After Hour-Long GTA-Style Chase Ends In Crash

On Wednesday, a man in California led police on a dangerous and lengthy chase through several counties as he desperately tried to elude capture. According to the dramatic video that is going viral, the man was finally apprehended after a series of crashes, a carjacking, and police firing. The New York Post reports that the pursuit started when a black sedan was flagged down during a routine traffic stop in Orange County, but the driver refused to yield.

According to the Post, the driver, whose identity has not been released by police, then attempted to flee by swerving dangerously through the streets of Anaheim, the county seat of Orange County and the county’s second-largest city.

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See The Man Being Arrested On Camera

The driver of the sedan abruptly exited the vehicle and attempted to steal a nearby parked truck. When that failed, he climbed back into the car and took off.

After ditching the sedan, the suspect attempted to flee in a white van after parking it in a residential area. The police cruiser followed the van straight away, cornering the driver. This man, however, was not about to give up, and he repeatedly crashed the stolen car into the police cruiser in reverse gear until he was finally able to speed away.

It was also reported that the man’s reckless driving was captured on helicopter footage, which showed him continuing to drive at high speeds even after one of the van’s rear tires was blown out and sparks began to fly from the vehicle.

He abandoned the stolen car and broke into a house through the back entrance. After he stole the keys to their utility truck, the family reportedly got into a fight with him in the driveway, as reported by ABC7. The report went on to say that he broke through the front gate and fled again.

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The Chase Ended After An Hour And A Half

The suspect in the police chase broke into several cars, backed into a police car, and broke into a home, all in an attempt to avoid capture.

Initially wanted by police in Fullerton, 32-year-old Johnny Anchondo led officers on a chase before being cornered in a parking lot at an apartment complex in northern Anaheim. Despite being surrounded by police in the parking lot, Anchondo drove off in a white van and refused to surrender.

When the suspect continued driving through Fullerton, Anaheim, and Santa Ana, the dangerous pursuit expanded into two counties before the suspect abandoned the white van in Whittier. Many viewers of FOX 11’s live streams commented that they were reminded of the police pursuits in the popular video game series Grand Theft Auto as the crime spree unfolded.

A Suspect In Handcuffs Allegedly Steals A Police SUV In Toronto, Taking Two Dogs With Him

The suspect, who was already in police custody, is accused of stealing an SUV from an officer and leading them on a high-stakes chase early in the morning in Toronto. They were dispatched to the intersection of Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue at around 4:30 a.m., where they found a male suspect and started detaining him for questioning, police said.

After being placed in handcuffs, the suspect reportedly overpowered an arresting officer and jumped into an SUV belonging to the police canine unit. The two police dogs were reportedly left in the backseat as he fled west at high speed.

A suspect in handcuffs allegedly steals a police SUV in Toronto, taking two dogs with him

After pulling into the parking lot of a Metro grocery store near the intersection of Keele Street and Lawrence Avenue, the suspect, according to the police, crashed the SUV.

The suspect had apparently tried to break into a number of vehicles before the police arrived, and he had also flagged down a taxi before attempting a carjacking with that vehicle.

CTV News Toronto has obtained exclusive footage showing a person attempting to evade a traffic tax by sprinting through an intersection. A series of blows to the driver’s side window causes it to shatter.

While the passenger desperately clings to the side of the taxi, the driver begins to pull away. A local who filmed the event said she thought someone “was going to die” and called it “scary.” He was screaming at the cab driver to open the door, and when he didn’t, he smashed through,” she explained.

The police eventually located the suspect and arrested him. His injuries were not considered life-threatening, so he was taken to the emergency room.

The taxi driver suffered only minor injuries, according to the police, and was able to be transported to a nearby hospital. No harm came to the police dogs riding in the back of the car.

Last Word

After nearly an hour and a half of driving, the utility truck crashed into a gas station and was rammed by a police cruiser, ending the pursuit. By breaking windows, the police were able to coax the suspect out of the building and into custody.


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