Los Angeles police confirm Rapper Theophilus London reported missing by family

Theophilus London, a rapper who has collaborated with Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Tame Impala, has been reported missing by his family.

The Los Angeles Police Department has stated that a missing person report for London was filed on Wednesday. The police department could not provide any further details.

According to Variety, his family flew to Los Angeles on Tuesday to file a missing person’s report. According to a statement provided to the media outlet, the last time anyone in the family heard from London was in July.

London is a Black man of 6’2″, 175 pounds with dark brown eyes. If you know anything about his whereabouts or safety, his reps ask that you contact his cousin Mikhail Noel through his Instagram account @iamdjkellz or the LAPD.

Lary Moses London, the father, said, “Theo, your Dad loves you, son,” in the statement. We wish you were here. Additionally, everyone who knows you is looking for you. If you can, from wherever you are, send us a signal. Whatever happens, we’re coming to get you, son.

London has worked with artists such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Ellie Goulding, Big Boi, Tame Impala, and more since 2011. London has put out three studio albums: “Timez Are Weird These Days” in 2011, “Vibes” in 2014, and “Bebey” in 2020.

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In The Statement Released On Wednesday, London’s Father, Larry Moses London, Also Made An Appeal

Theo, your father sends his love to you, son. “Every day, we think about you and how much we miss you. Everyone you know is worried about you and trying to find you. Just send us a signal from wherever you are. There’s no need to worry, son. We’ll be there to rescue you.”

In The Statement Released On Wednesday, London's Father, Larry Moses London, Also Made An Appeal

London’s upbringing was split between her native Trinidad and Tobago and Brooklyn, New York.

Three studio albums, “Lovers Holiday” (2011), “Vibes” (2014), and “Bebey” (2016), have been released by London in the last ten years (2020). His resume includes collaborations with artists like Tame Impala, Ellie Goulding, Travis Scott, Ye (formerly Kanye West), Big Boi, and more.

London, along with Paul McCartney and Allan Kingdom, was a featured performer on Ye’s 2015 single “All Day,” for which London received Grammy nominations in 2016 for best rap song and best rap performance.

Ye, who both produced and appeared on “Vibes,” has worked closely with London on numerous occasions. London would frequently update Ye’s “Donda” and “Donda 2” fans on Instagram, and he even claimed that Ye had “promoted him to tackle media duties” for the month of February.

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This past September, just before he disappeared, London appeared on Young Franco’s “Get Your Money” as a guest artist.

London Was An Avid Instagram User, But He Hasn’t Shared Anything Since July

London, now 35 years old, was born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in New York City’s Borough of Brooklyn. On Kanye West’s “All Day,” he appeared as a guest star, and for this, he was nominated for a Grammy in the best rap performance category in 2016.

London Was An Avid Instagram User, But He Hasn't Shared Anything Since July

The now-famous artist Ye has worked extensively with London, who produced and appeared as a guest on his 2014 album “Vibes.” When Ye’s “Donda” and “Donda 2” came out, London would frequently update his Instagram with news and would even claim that he had been “promoted to tackle media duties” on Ye’s behalf for the month of February.

London has put out three studio albums: “Timez Are Weird These Days” (2011), “Vibes” (2014), and “Bebey” (2020). Just before he disappeared in September, he appeared on Young Franco’s “Get Your Money” as a guest artist.

“Bebey” was released by London’s own label, My Bebey Records, while “Vibes” was released by Warner Records.

He told Complex that he was leaving his family and moving out on his own in 2020 because he “wanted to see what a sense of family is,” and that he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in a hotel.

Final Words

Theophilus London’s loved ones have filed a missing persons report with the Los Angeles police this week, saying they haven’t seen him in months.

According to a statement released on Wednesday by Secretly, a music label that has worked with London, the musician’s family and friends believe someone last spoke to him in Los Angeles in July.

His family has been trying to track him down for weeks, and they finally went to the police earlier this week, according to the statement.

Speaking as a representative for the LAPD on Wednesday, Officer Annie Moran confirmed that a report for London had been taken. According to a news release from the department, London was last seen on October 15 in the Skid Row area, and his family has not heard from him since.

In a statement, Theo’s father, Lary Moses London, told his son, “Theo, your Dad loves you, son.” We long for your return. Everyone you know is worried about you and trying to find you. Just send us a signal from wherever you are. We’ll get you, son, no matter what.


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