Police Say A Security Guard Was Shot And Killed Outside A Student Apartment Complex Near USC!

Security guard killed in shooting outside student apartment complex near USC

Police say an off-campus apartment complex security guard was shot and killed early Wednesday morning outside the student residential building located less than a mile from the USC campus.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the shooting occurred at 12:30 a.m. in front of the Lorenzo student apartments located on the 300 block of West Adams Boulevard. The Lorenzo is “an upscale student housing community near USC,” according to the building’s website.

Lt. Ryan Rabbett of the LAPD stated that the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. At first, police estimated the man’s age to be 30. After notifying his family, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office revealed that he was in his forties.

When he was found with a firearm, police said they had to detain the man who was considered a person of interest. Earlier in the day, detectives had been questioning that man, and by the evening, they had announced that they had arrested him.

Video surveillance helped detectives identify the person in custody as the person responsible for the crime, the police said in a statement. The suspect, 31-year-old Alexader Crawford, was arrested and charged with murder.

It was reported by the police that Crawford matched the suspect’s description and had a handgun of the same caliber as the one used in the murder.

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Rabbett Speculated That An Argument Over Trespassing May Have Sparked The Shooting

Rabbett said, “I don’t think he was targeted or the location itself was targeted; it appears at this point it was some type of dispute that led up to it.”

According to what I understand, the security guard was unarmed and did not fire any shots,” the lieutenant said to the media.

Pedram Zamanpour, a student at the University of Southern California, told Eyewitness News that he heard nearly a dozen gunshots from the balcony of his apartment building. He claimed he sped indoors to dial 911 right away.

The person “woke up not expecting this,” Zamanpour continued, “and they’re at a job where yes, their job is security, but you don’t expect it.” Nothing like this has ever happened at the Lorenzo, and it’s a horrible feeling to wake up to it.

A half mile will get you to the USC campus from Lorenzo. Zamanpour has stated that he has never felt unsafe in the building due to the security personnel.

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There is a need for a little bit more security because, he said, “the area has gotten a bad rep for many years, it’s up and coming.” I think most people who live in Lorenzo get along well with the security guards. After all, is said and done, they’re just good people who want to make our lives easier and ensure our safety.

In the meantime, Quyvonne Perry told ABC7 that she thinks she knows Lorenzo’s security guard because her doctor’s office shares a parking lot with the hotel.

She remarked, “He would make sure I got to my parking, that I got in and out of the parking.” It can be a little difficult to follow sometimes, so if I needed assistance, I could ask for it. This world is becoming increasingly wicked, but he was a good man who did his duty and gave his life for it.

Authorities Have Confirmed That He Passed Away At The Scene. There Is Still No Public Confirmation Of His Identity

Lt. Ryan Rabbett of the Los Angeles Police Department told KTTV Channel 11 that “the individual was just trying to work, just trying to do his job, and just trying to keep this building safe when this incident occurred.”

According to the LAPD, a potential suspect was discovered by police while they were conducting their investigation, and he was found sleeping in a parking lot close to the apartment building’s lobby. Officers found a handgun in the man’s possession during a routine stop, and he was later identified as 31-year-old Alexander Crawford.

According to the LAPD, the man was linked to the shooting after surveillance footage implicated him and a gun found in his possession matched the caliber used in the guard’s murder.

The incident caused the Metro E Line to be temporarily shut down, the agency announced on Twitter. The train line between Pico and Jefferson/USC has been replaced by a shuttle service. Starting at 9 a.m., E Line rides were available again.

Multiple Shots Were Fired, The LAPD Says

Lieutenant Ryan Rabbett of the Los Angeles Police Department speculated that “some sort of dispute” preceded the incident, implying that neither the victim nor the scene had been chosen at random. It appears there was a disagreement that escalated out of control.

Video footage from the area around the crime scene is being reviewed, and officers are interviewing witnesses.

Shuttle buses replaced the nearby metro train service while repairs were being made. From LATTC/Ortho Institute to Jefferson/USC, the E LINE (EXPO) service will be discontinued and shuttle buses will operate instead. As of 6:13 AM PST, LA Metro Rider Alerts tweeted, “This is expected to last until 8 a.m.”


She remarked, “He would make sure that I got to my parking, that I got in and out of the parking.” “Since it can be difficult to understand sometimes, please assist me if necessary. I’m going to pray for him and his family because the world is becoming increasingly evil, and he was a good man who did his job well and gave his life for it.”

In the vicinity of the shooting scene, several yellow evidence markers were placed. Private detectives are on the hunt for any and all surveillance tapes that may contain incriminating evidence.

Due to the incident, the Metro E Line (Expo) light-rail service has been temporarily halted, as announced on Twitter. Between Pico and Jefferson/USC stations, a shuttle bus was available. Around 8 o’clock that morning, we hoped to see a return to normalcy on the E Line.


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