Pope Francis Requests People To Pray For “Very Ill” Benedict

pope francis ask for pray

The current Pope, Francis, has informed pilgrims at the Vatican that the previous Pope, Benedict XVI, is suffering from a serious illness and has requested that they pray for him. In 2013, at the age of 95, Benedict became the first leader of the Catholic Church to step down in more than 600 years, citing his elderly age as the reason.

At the conclusion of the Pope’s last audience of the year, he urged everyone in attendance to “offer a special prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict.” The Vatican later reported that the health of the former Pope had deteriorated in the preceding hours. According to the spokesperson for the organisation, Matteo Bruni, “the situation at the moment is under control, and doctors are continually following it.”

First Pope to Retire in 600 Years

The Vatican revealed on Wednesday that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is currently “extremely sick” and is being closely examined by medical professionals. Pope Francis, his successor, has requested that the faithful pray for the retired pontiff so that God will comfort him “until the very end.” Francis did not provide any additional information regarding the health of Benedict, who became the first pope in 600 years to step down in February 2013.

The current Pope paid a visit to the monastery on Vatican grounds where Benedict has been residing ever since he stepped down from his position as Pope. In recent years, the man, who is now 95 years old, has become more fragile as a result of the fact that he has spent his post-papal life praying and meditating.

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Pope Francis ask for the Prayers

On Wednesday, Pope Francis revealed that his immediate predecessor, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, is suffering from “extremely unwell health.” The Pope is currently praying for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and he has also requested that the faithful pray for him. Benedict is 95 years old at this point. Over the course of the past few months, he has experienced a gradual deterioration in his health.

The Pope addressed the crowd at the end of his public audience and said the following in Italian: “I would like to invite all of you to pray a special prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict.” He pleaded with everyone who was listening to “remember him since he is terribly ill, asking the Lord to console and sustain him in his time of need.” He said this as he addressed the audience.

Declining Physical & Mental Health

pope benedict health

In 2013, he made the decision to become the first pope since 1415 to step down from his position as the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. He justified his decision by citing his deteriorating physical and mental health. Joseph Ratzinger, the former Pope Emeritus of Germany, currently resides in a former convent located within the Vatican City State. Ratzinger’s real name is Joseph.

As a result of his resignation, an unprecedented situation was created in which two popes, namely Benedict and Francis, have co-existed within the confines of the small city state. Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, Benedict XVI’s long-time secretary, reported to Vatican News in April that the former pope was “in good spirits” despite his “physically relatively weak and fragile” condition.

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More About Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict is the first pope to come from Germany in the past one thousand years. He succeeded Pope John Paul II after being elected in 2005 and becoming Pope. Joseph Ratzinger, who would later become Pope Benedict, emigrated from Germany in 1982. Between 1962 and 2013, he penned approximately 60 books. Following his retirement in 2013, there were a lot of questions raised about the decision he made.

Some cardinals questioned his decision to retire as well as his choice to continue wearing a white cassock after he had already retired. Another question that was raised after he retired was why he was still using the name Benedict and not reverting back to his birth name, Joseph Rotzinger. It has also been asserted by detractors that Pope Benedict’s presence in the Vatican contributes to confusion and endangers the church’s cohesion.


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