Peach Bowl expected to bring economic boost to Atlanta

There will be a large influx of visitors to Atlanta and the state of Georgia this weekend due to the Super Bowl. This weekend, in the Peach Bowl, Georgia faces Ohio State with a shot at the national title. The game will not only attract a large number of football fans, but also millions of dollars to the host city and state.

William Pate, president and chief executive officer of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, remarked, “It’s really incremental for the hospitality industry, not only for the hotels but for the restaurants and the events as well.” “Secondly, it’ll bring people from all over the country, many of whom will have never been to Atlanta before,” she continued.

Peach Bowl, Inc. reports that the CFP semi-final will bring in an estimated $60 million to the local economy. According to estimates, college football will generate close to $100 million in revenue this season. The two Chick-fil-A kickoff games and the Peach Bowl added another $7 million to the state’s coffers.

Oh, in my opinion, that’s totally acceptable. “I mean, when you think about all the transactions that take place when people come to the city, they are buying merchandise, and of course, they are going out to restaurants,” said Pate.

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The Fact That It Falls On New Year’s Eve, Pate Added, Will Be A Boon To The Economy

“It’s like a double hit,” she said “, Pate remarked. “You have people coming in for the game, and then there are people coming in from downtown to join in the festivities.

Companies are still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, so this is a welcome boost to their efforts.

“Well, it’s clear that the recuperation over the past few years has been a drawn-out process. When Covid came through, we were at about 80% daily occupancy, so it was pretty crazy,” said Pate. The rate jumped to 7% in April. That’s how fast and how profound the effect was on our business.

Pate Estimated That They Would Make It To 60% This Year

A large number of Ohio State fans are expected to travel to Georgia for the game, which, he said, is an additional benefit.

Pate Estimated That They Would Make It To 60% This Year

A chance to “get out,” “travel,” and “get to another city” to “really be a part of a great celebration,” as Pate put it, is “a great opportunity for folks,” especially Ohio State fans who have been up in the north.

According to data provided by Peach Bowl, Inc., the attendance of more than 78,300 people at the most recent semi-final game set a new Peach Bowl and Mercedes Benz Stadium record, outdoing the combined totals of fans who attended the Super Bowl, the 2018 College Football National Championship, and the SEC Championship at the same stadium.

Pate has stated that this is a win for Georgia’s economy in the final quarter of the year regardless of the outcome of the game.

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Who Plays In The Peach Bowl 2022?

College football’s semi-finals will kick off with No. 1 Georgia taking on No. 4 Ohio State in the Peach Bowl.

The Peach Bowl was selected by the Bulldogs because of its proximity to Georgia’s campus in Athens. The number one team on the schedule is the defending national champions from the South, so Ohio State will have to travel there to face them.

Peach Bowl And New Year’s Events Bring In A Lot Of Money For Hotels And Restaurants

With a college football playoff semifinal and the return of the Peach Drop scheduled for this weekend, the tourism and hospitality industries in Atlanta are preparing for a turnout for New Year’s events similar to that seen before the pandemic.

According to bowl officials, Saturday night’s Peach Bowl between the Georgia Bulldogs and Ohio State Buckeyes is expected to break attendance records with nearly 80,000 fans in attendance. Additionally, the Peach Drop has returned after being postponed for three years.

Peach Bowl And New Year's Events Bring In A Lot Of Money For Hotels And Restaurants

Despite the rain that is predicted for this Saturday, college football fans and New Year’s Eve partygoers are still expected to spend heavily in the city.

Tickets for the game sold out in just a few days, and Peach Bowl, Inc. CEO and President Gary Stokan reported that 2,800 standing-room-only tickets were added this year.

This town understands sports. And we can pack the restaurants, bars, and hotels,” Stokan boasted. We have all the makings of some fantastic sporting events, all we need is time to put the plan into action.

Peach Bowl officials claim that the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl has generated $318.3 million in economic impact and $25.14 million in direct tax revenue for Atlanta since 2014.

After canceling thousands of flights last week—including hundreds in Atlanta—due to the massive winter storm that disrupted travel over the weekend, Southwest Airlines, the second-largest carrier at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is still working to get back on track. “We plan to return to normal operations with minimal disruptions on Friday,” Southwest said on Thursday.


Feelings of elation permeate our group. We expect to more than double our revenue from last year,” said Brian Bullock, president of Legacy Ventures’ restaurant management division. The restaurants will be packed to the gills during the game.

The Marietta Street establishments STATS Brewpub and Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria are owned by Legacy Ventures. Both the Bulldogs and the Buckeyes will be playing at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday night.

The Peach Bowl is a chance for the hospitality industry to end the year on a high note, according to Karen Bremer, president and CEO of the Georgia Restaurant Association.


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