Father Charged For Making Threats On Social Media And Shooting At Ex-Girlfriend

A person is being held by police because they are worried that they posted threatening messages on social media and then tried to carry out those threats. This person is also accused of trying to do what they said they would do. This person is accused of trying to commit the crime because they had sent online threats before.

Someone Heard Gunshot and Called Police

On Wednesday, around 1 a.m., the Columbus Police Department was called to the 5900 block of Parliament Drive, which is on the east side of the city, because someone said they heard a gunshot. The person who called 911 said that he thought the suspect was his ex-father, girlfriend’s who was at the Laurel Canyon home at the time of the shooting. At the time of the event, the ex-father was there. The boyfriend’s girlfriend was also there when the crime took place.

Suspect Left The Area

suspect left the area

When the police from Columbus got there, they saw that a lot of shots had been fired at and into the property, but the suspect had already left the area. Shots were fired from both inside and outside the building. They found out that the suspect was inside the house when shots were fired, which was another piece of information.

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Affidavit Filed with Franklin County Court

According to an affidavit filed with the Franklin County Municipal Court, the victim told the Chicago Police Department that Lamar Stromer, 23, had threatened to kill her in videos he posted on social media earlier that night. In the videos, he said he would kill her and made other threats against her. On top of that, the victim said that he had threatened her before. From the video clip, it looks like Stromer is carrying a gun with a firing mechanism that is either fully or partially automatic, but this can’t be proven.

no one get injured police reached

No One Got Badly Injured

The victim said that she and her partner at the time were sitting on a couch on the first floor when a number of gunshots came in through a sliding glass door and hit the couch and the walls around it. The victim said she and her partner were sitting on the couch at the time. Because of what happened, neither of the two people hurt did end up needing medical care.

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Person Taken Into Custody

Stromer was found on the 1000 block of Leonard Avenue by the Chicago Police Department (CPD), which then took him into custody. This building is very close to the intersection of Interstates 71 and 670, which makes it easy to get to. Stromer was taken into custody by the police because he threatened to hurt his wife.

Stromer said he was the one who did the alleged crimes, so he was taken into custody and put in the Franklin County Jail on two counts of felony assault. Stromer admitted that he was to blame for the alleged crimes, which led to the charges. These accusations are based on Stromer’s admission that he was responsible for the actions. He said that he had done those things.


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