2 people fatally struck in downtown Las Vegas hit-and-run

The Las Vegas police department is investigating a hit-and-run that resulted in the deaths of two people on Fremont Street. There was a collision on Wednesday evening at 7:40 p.m., according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The investigation revealed that the couple was in a crosswalk but did not obey the walk signal. A red SUV hit the pair after it had the green light but failed to yield to pedestrians.

There were eyewitnesses who told police that the vehicle kept going after striking the couple. The driver was likely impaired at the time of the accident, according to the investigation. Both the man and the woman were pronounced dead at the scene, and the woman later passed away in the hospital.

Apparently, the police were able to quickly locate the red SUV and apprehend the driver due to the widespread use of surveillance cameras in the area. Mykael Terrell, 28, is a local resident who was named as the suspect. Terrell has been charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

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Pedestrians Killed In Downtown Las Vegas Crash, Experience

On Wednesday night in downtown Las Vegas, two pedestrians were fatally injured when they were hit by a car. Both were making their way across 4th and Fremont streets.

Pedestrians Killed In Downtown Las Vegas Crash, Experience

The SUV, which was later identified as a GMC Acadia, was traveling north on 4th Street when it was hit. The driver was given the okay before crashing into the two pedestrians. According to local news station KVVU, the driver then drove away.

KVVU reports that police said the two were in a crosswalk but did not have a green light to cross the street. Following the accident, the driver fled the scene. KLAS, another local TV station, ultimately confirmed her identity as 28-year-old Mykael Terrell. KLAS reported that she was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and hit-and-run.

Police from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) were able to question eyewitnesses. There was also a review of surveillance footage by the police. A section of 4th Street was closed to traffic so that police could conduct their investigation.

A number of downtown casinos are within walking distance of the accident scene, which is about half a mile from the Fremont Street Experience.

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North Las Vegas Fatal Accident

North Las Vegas Fatal Accident

A few hours earlier on Wednesday, an elderly pedestrian was killed in a car accident on Las Vegas Boulevard in North Las Vegas, but this was an unrelated incident. The woman who was killed was probably in her 70s. This happened around 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Las Vegas Boulevard North, close to where it meets Lake Mead Boulevard.

According to KLAS’s investigation, the woman was crossing the street when she was hit by the southbound car. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. The driver stayed behind to offer his assistance to the police.

After the accident, police had to close off a section of North Las Vegas Boulevard. On Wednesday night, traffic was redirected to alternative routes due to a major incident.

Previous Incidents

In the past year, Las Vegas has seen a number of auto accidents that resulted in serious or fatal injuries. An arm was severed in a crash east of the Las Vegas Strip last month in which a driver suspected of drunk driving lost control of his vehicle. A Las Vegas man named George Solis was pulled over in his Subaru on Sahara Avenue.

The vehicle left the road’s right shoulder, collided with multiple utility poles, flipped over, and then slid along the busy highway. After the collision, the car rolled over, sending Solis’ arm flying through the sunroof, as reported by KLAS. Near the elbow, his arm was hacked off. It took time for authorities to learn the driver’s condition after the crash.

It happened on Sahara Avenue east of 15th Street, a distance of about three miles from the Las Vegas Strip. You can walk to the scene of the accident from the Sahara Las Vegas, which is located a few blocks away.KLAS reported that Solis was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) and failing to maintain the lane.


Authorities in Las Vegas reported on Thursday that a man from Minnesota and a woman from New Mexico were killed when they were hit by an SUV while crossing a busy street against a “don’t walk” signal at the Fremont Street Experience casino mall. Mykael Lanice-Lynn Terrell, 28, of Las Vegas, was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of DUI, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident following a crash that occurred at 7:40 p.m. on a Wednesday.

Police say that a burgundy GMC Acacia driven by Terrell collided with a man, 44, and a woman, 51, as they crossed Fremont Street at 4th Street. Police said the male victim was pronounced dead at the scene, and the female victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. The Clark County coroner’s office waited to make the victims’ identities public until after they had notified their families.


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