Man Threatening People With Large Knife Arrested

Wednesday, the man who police say frightened people with a huge knife is now facing a number of charges related to the incident. Daniel Michael Hersey, 24, was taken into custody by the police after he was accused of uttering threats and breaking a window at a club. The complaint states that about eight o’clock in the evening, officers from the Pittsburgh Police Department responded to a hotel on South 10th Street after receiving a report of a guy who was threatening individuals while wielding a machete.

Police Catch The Man who was Threatening People with Many More Possessions

According to the complaint, when police caught Hersey, he was in possession of both heroin and a huge survival knife with a serrated blade when they made the arrest. He is being investigated for a number of offences, including allegedly making threats of terrorism, possessing an instrument of crime, simple assault, disorderly behaviour, possession, harassment, and criminal mischief

police catch the man

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Man Was Threatening People With A Large Knife

Earlier in the day, police were called to the area at the intersection of S. Tenth and Bingham streets after receiving a report of a man who matched the same description threatening drivers while brandishing a knife. According to the report, they searched the area, but they were unable to find anyone there.

According to the complaint, police spoke to a hotel employee as well as guests who stated that Hersey threatened them with a machete and exhibited it in front of them. The guests, a family from Texas consisting of three children, said to the police that they had seen Hersey in an elevator and that he had threatened them before pulling out a knife. They stated that they feared for their life when he did so.

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Complaint Was Lodged By Family

complaint by family

According to the complaint, the family stated that they did not feel safe at the hotel, and as they were leaving, they requested that the police walk them to their vehicle. According to the court filings, while the police were at the hotel, they received a report about a man who had knocked a window out of a pub on E. Carson Street. Hersey, according to a security guard working at the bar, was the one who punched the front window of the establishment, which caused it to shatter.

To Conclude

Police say a man scared people with a big knife on Wednesday, and he is now facing a number of charges related to the incident. The police arrested Daniel Michael Hersey, 24, after he was accused of making threats and breaking a window at a club. In the complaint, it says that at 8 p.m., officers from the Pittsburgh Police Department went to a hotel on South 10th Street after getting a report that a man with a machete was threatening people. Officers were sent to the area of S. Tenth Street and Bingham Street earlier in the day after a report of a man who looked like the same person.


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