2-Vehicle Traffic Collision

Accident involving two automobiles occurred early on Saturday morning, causing damage to the outside dining area of a Del Taco fast food restaurant located in the Hacienda Heights neighbourhood of Los Angeles County. The incident caused damage to a gas station, which was hit by flying debris that was sent flying through the station.

Vehicle Crash Reported

On December 31, at approximately 1:20 in the morning, deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Industry Bureau and firefighters from the Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to reports of a vehicle that had overturned and parties that were trapped inside.

The vehicle was reported to have been carrying two people. At the intersection of South Hacienda Boulevard and Tetley Street is where the incident took place. As soon as they arrived, deputies and firefighters reported that there was no one trapped, which caused the authorities to call off the response of any more units that were on their way.

tesla crash report

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Tesla Crash Into Gas Station

A white Tesla automobile slammed into a gas station, narrowly avoiding the pumps, and came perilously near to hitting a Del Taco restaurant in the process. A minivan was also involved in the crash, in addition to the other vehicles. The information that has been gathered suggests that nobody was sent to the hospital, and there were no injuries that were reported. At this time, it is not possible to establish what caused the crash that just occurred.

Tesla Full Self-Driving Car Getting Accidents

A driver reported to police that the “full-self-driving” software installed in their Tesla suddenly applied the brakes, which led to an eight-vehicle pileup that occurred one month ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result of the accident, nine persons were taken to the hospital for treatment of less serious injuries, and one child was taken to the emergency room. The information was taken from a report of a traffic collision that was filed by the California Highway Patrol.

On Thanksgiving, at lunchtime, an accident occurred, which caused the traffic on Interstate 80 east of the Bay Bridge to become held up for approximately one hour and ninety minutes. This took place at the same time when a big number of people were travelling to different holiday celebrations. There was a total of four ambulances that arrived at the scene after receiving the call.

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Full Self-Driving to be made Available to Other Locations- Elon Musk

tesla self driving

The pileup took place just a few hours after Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the announcement that the “full self-driving” capabilities of Tesla’s driver-assist software will be made available to any customer in North America who placed a request for it. Previously, Tesla would only grant access to its vehicles to those drivers who have received high scores on the company’s grading system for their commitment to safety.

About Full Self-Driving System

A system is said to have “full self-driving” capabilities if it is able to keep up with traffic, maintain its position inside the lane, and follow traffic signals. It is essential to have a human driver who is alert and prepared to take complete control of the car at any time, as this is required under the law.

A number of drivers have voiced their delight over it, while others have voiced their concern over the new limits. When a driver chooses to instal Tesla’s “full self-driving” mode, the company offers a warning to them that the system “may do the wrong thing at the worst time.” This is because the system “may do the wrong thing at the worst time.”


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