Glendale Metro Bus Hit Women

The circumstances surrounding a deadly accident that occurred early on Sunday morning in Glendale and included a pedestrian and a Metro bus are currently the subject of an investigation by the authorities. Foothill Boulevard and Dunsmore Avenue were reportedly involved in an accident that took place at approximately 9:50 a.m. local time, as reported by the Glendale Fire Department.

When the emergency medical services came, they discovered a woman pinned below the bus. Because it was unable to access the woman, a heavy-duty tow vehicle had to be hired to help get the bus off of her body and assist with the problem. It was determined that she had passed away at the site. Her true identity was not revealed until her next of kin had been notified.

Authorities Respond To Woman Hit By Metro Bus

A female pedestrian was reportedly struck and killed by a Metro bus, as reported by the relevant authorities. The victim was a person who was walking. Foothill Boulevard and Dunsmore Avenue in the city of La Crescenta were the sites of a collision that involved many automobiles, and the Glendale Police Department and the Glendale Fire Department were called to the scene. At approximately ten o’clock this morning, an MTA bus was observed at the scene of an accident in which a female pedestrian had been struck by a vehicle.

The body was removed from the scene by the coroner, and a heavy-duty tow truck was called in to remove the bus that had been there as evidence. In order to facilitate the retrieval of the video footage that was obtained from the bus, representatives from the Metro system are also there. At this point in time, the investigation is still being carried out.

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A Heavy Duty Truck was Called to get the Woman Out

Metro Bus Hit Pedestrian

The facts surrounding a fatal accident that took place early on Sunday morning in Glendale and involved a pedestrian and a metrobus are currently the subject of an inquiry by the police. The accident involved a metrobus and took place early in the morning. According to the reports provided by the Glendale Fire Department, the collision took place at approximately 9:50 in the morning close to the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Dunsmore Avenue.

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When emergency medical services arrived, they found a woman pinned beneath the bus. She was in critical condition. To remedy the issue and remove the van that was resting on top of the woman’s body, a heavy-duty tow truck had to be summoned in because it was physically impossible to approach the woman. It was discovered that she had died at the location where she was found.

To Conclude

Following the incident that occurred this morning in the 3500 block of Foothill Boulevard, Glendale police and representatives from Metro are currently waiting for the arrival of the coroner. The incident included a woman who was hit by a bus. At the intersection with Dunsmore Avenue, which is directly to the east of Dunsmore, there is a roadblock preventing vehicles from travelling on Foothill Boulevard. Officer Covarrubias reported that Metro is currently on the scene to assist in facilitating access to the video footage that was recorded on the bus during the incident. At this point in time, the investigation is still being carried out.


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