St. Pete woman accused of leaving 4 children, including infant, alone at home

TAMPA-ST. PETERSBURG (WFLA) — On Thursday, the St. Petersburg Police Department arrested a woman for allegedly abandoning her four children at home.

According to the arrest report filed by the St. Petersburg Police Department, 24-year-old Durlaizia O’Neal abandoned the children when an unnamed household member walked to the store.

Two of the kids, including a baby in a diaper, were reportedly found playing in the front yard after being left alone for 30 minutes, as reported by police.

A 6-year-old allegedly ran up to a witness and yelled “help me,” prompting the witness to call 911, as detailed in the arrest documents. There were no reports of physical abuse or neglect when O’Neal was charged with four counts of neglect.

Woman In Deerfield Beach Supposedly Left Her Three Children At Home

Three counts of child neglect were filed against the child’s mother after she was found with the child wandering around a Deerfield Beach apartment complex while dressed only in a diaper and a T-shirt.

Woman In Deerfield Beach Supposedly Left Her Three Children At Home

New charges of aggravated dependency and delinquency were filed against 30-year-old Gutshani Methelusfils on Monday.A neighbor in the 900 block of Siesta Key Boulevard called the Broward Sheriff’s Office on August 11 after finding a shoeless toddler in the area.

In the report, Methelusfils is quoted as saying that she left her son in charge of her other two children while she ran to the store to get something else and that she returned about 30 minutes later to claim the child.

It was reported that when deputies checked on her, they found the other two children left alone in a filthy environment.

It smelled like urine, deputies said, and there were yellow stains on the mattresses of the beds that lacked sheets. Additionally, there was graffiti on the walls, broken doors, sticky floors, and no telephone.


Methelusfils claimed the kids had an Alexis device to contact her or the police, but when investigators looked, they found the device on the floor of the kid’s bedroom with the power cord plugged into the kitchen. According to the report, there were no car seats for her kids either.

The children have been the subject of an open case file with child welfare investigators, as evidenced by the fact that they have previously been left home alone.

Two Adults Have Been Arrested In Connection With The Murder Of A 3-Year-Old Girl, According To Police In St. Pete

St. Petersburg, FL — The murder of a 3-year-old girl in St. Petersburg has resulted in the arrest and charging of two adults.

St. Pete Police say that 33-year-old Monica Williams and 25-year-old Daquan Lindsey looked after 3-year-old Brandy Crews. Officials claimed that on August 9th, Crews was brought to the hospital with severe head injuries and was unresponsive.

The St. Petersburg Police Department said their investigation revealed the woman had numerous cuts, burns, and injuries all over her body that were in various stages of healing. Unfortunately, on August 12th, Crews passed away as a result of her wounds.

Williams and Lindsey have been charged with abuse and neglect of a minor boy in their care by the St. Pete Police Department. The boy was injured, but his injuries are not considered to be life-threatening, according to the police. The kid has been taken into custody and is currently undergoing medical treatment.

Two more minors, both under the age of 14, were reportedly taken from the house. There were four kids in the house, the police said.

Final Words

S. T. P. E. R. I. C. (WFLA) — A woman was arrested by police in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Thursday for allegedly abandoning her four young children at home. According to the St. Petersburg Police Department’s arrest report, 24-year-old Durlaizia O’Neal allegedly abandoned the children when an unnamed household member walked to the store. Hillsborough County fatal hit-and-run; Florida Highway Patrol is looking for truck driver The kid, if the police are to be believed, is…


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